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Promotional Products Work

23 fun facts about effective advertising Last week, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) held a national awareness campaign called Promotional Products Work Week. Activities and messages were aimed at businesses and those who regulate them (i.e., government). While advertising takes … Continue reading

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Testing Lab Trade Show Promo Is a Hit

Medallion Labs planned to set meetings with qualified prospects during a trade show. Previous shows had been lackluster; no more than 10 prospects had signed up in the previous year. New strategies were clearly needed. A trade show micro plan … Continue reading

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What? Trees can do THAT? Much more than paper.

The much-maligned tree has been subject to a lot of abuse in recent years. All those email footnotes that plead to you to not print the email, the cry of “save a tree!” Meanwhile, the endless flood of electrons shows … Continue reading

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Great Tool for Awareness Campaigns

Breast cancer awareness gets a lot of attention. And rightfully so. There are a lot of people working very hard to ensure that Breast Cancer is a “Top Of Mind” issue. However, there are a ton of other causes that … Continue reading

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10 Steps To Design An Effective Incentive Program

Establish Objectives: Identify three to five goals or objectives that are a) measurable, b) attainable and c) simple to understand and communicate. Analyze the Audience: The entire workforce is most likely not the intended audience. Determine which group has the … Continue reading

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