4 Retail Trends Coming To Business Apparel

  • Nov 13, 2022

It seems like every article on menswear these days includes the phrase “Canadian tuxedo” – a cheeky term for head-to-toe denim. This is just one of the trends – neckties, matching sweat suits, plaid and zippers for fashion over function – that made a splash on runways during New York Fashion Week held Sept. 9-14.

While most of these trends aren’t likely to make their mark in branded business apparel for a few months (if ever), chambray shirts and jean jackets are definitely something to keep on your radar, as this retail trend is bound to influence business attire before long. Here are the four trends when it comes to brandable apparel this fall:

1. Office Dress Codes Have Relaxed

Athleisure has become acceptable in professional settings, even at the office. The days of the suit and tie for anything but the most formal occasions seem to be over.

There are definitely a lot more people wearing athleisurewear, especially in the corporate areas. The woven button-up shirts are not really requested as often as before. It’s the untucked look or the nice jeans and the sport coat that are taking over.

2. Sustainability Is In Demand

More and more companies are asking about sustainability and eco-friendly products. Some of these conversations are moving beyond requesting recycled fibers to wanting more information about the full life cycle of a garment. It may not be enough that a garment is made from recycled plastic bottles. At the end of the day, what does it take to process that, and where is that getting done? In short, concern for the planet is effecting everything.

3. Name Brands Add Value

Another trend is a demand for name-brand labels. People want name brands, so co-branding becomes much more common, where the company logo may be in one location while the brand label is seen somewhere else, because it raises the perceived value when a gift is received. A jacket’s a jacket, but people know that you might have spent a little bit more.

4. Decoration Has Evolved

The traditional left chest embroidery or full-back screen print may not serve your needs as effectively these days. Custom art that incorporates a brand in an interesting way may take a more subtle approach to branding. It’s not all about the logo, it’s about the piece as a whole.

Organizations are getting creative with accessories like zipper pulls and custom hoodie cords. Understated decoration, like tone-on-tone embroidery or screen printing, makes a garment appropriate for more settings than just the workplace – while keeping it reusable, which boosts its value while supporting sustainability goals.

Since the zipper is having a moment on high-fashion runways, branded garments can use that as a prominent piece of decoration and add a custom zipper pull featuring the company’s logo. Everybody can do embroidery, but these are some things that can help differentiate.

We wrote about the wide variety of decoration techniques in a previous article. Check it out for some inspiration. APTCO is ready to take your organization’s look to the next level.


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