5 Political Products to Pack a Punch at the Polls

  • Sep 4, 2020


America is gearing up for an election in November, which means polling places around the country are preparing for the monumental day on Tuesday, November 3.  


Within the last few years, there has been a push to get people to the polls to cast ballots for candidates. These five patriotic promo products certainly will do the trick when trying to up participation at the polls and encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.



“I Voted” Button


Get ready to see these all over your city on November 3, as many Americans like to display their patriotic pride with “I Voted” buttons and stickers. There are many options of buttons out there – various sizes, ones that light up – whichever buttons you select, make sure to hand out these freebies to citizens after they cast their vote.  



Stress Reliever


The election can be a stressful event, especially when sitting at home watching the news report the results. This stress reliever is the perfect companion for your clients to hold onto as they anxiously await the outcome.  



Patriotic Flag Fan


We’ll be seeing a lot of red, white, and blue leading up to the election, and these patriotic flag fans are a great souvenir to give out to poll workers or people canvassing through their neighborhoods. Plus, a logo can fit on the handle or on the back, so people will remember your brand every time they pick up this fan to cool off. 



Silicone Link Bracelet


Wear your patriotism with pride with these trendy silicone link bracelets. The perfect handout to voters as they leave the polls, wearing these bracelets will not only commemorate the election day but remind others to exercise their freedoms too.



Feather Flag


Election day can be chaotic – with countless poll locations in every city, quickly finding the right building should be the least of your worries. Luckily, these brightly colored flags will help guide voters to the polls so they can cast their votes and go on with their day.


Looking for more patriotic items for election day? We’ve got hundreds of other products that will help pack a punch at the polling station. Reach out to learn more!

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