5 Ways To Promote Fitness

  • May 27, 2013

by Larry Triplett
Did you know that May was Fitness Month? Human Resource Directors probably do. A healthy staff is an important objective for any company. It reduces absenteeism and keeps insurance costs under control. Productivity is improved. Here are a few ideas for encouraging your employees to get fit.
  1. Create a lunchtime walking club. Some companies have a designated area, while others let their staff find their way. Consider launching the program with appropriate promotional items, like mileage journals, imprinted pedometers, and the like.
  2. Provide "bike to work" incentives. Make sure employees have a good place to store and lock their bikes at work. Use cycling-related products like clip-on safety lights, bicycle seat covers and imprinted sports bottles to encourage participation.
  3. Partner with a local gym to offer employees a discount on membership. Offer a promotional gym bag as a gift for enrollment.
  4. Provide portable fitness equipment in the company break room - items like hand weights, stretch bands and yoga mats. These should all be imprinted to remind employees of the fitness program.
  5. Establish "get fit" awards and recognition, with various levels of incentives for achievement of goals throughout the year.

Pedometers and sports bottles encourage fitness

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