7 Answers To Get You Started On Direct Mail

  • Aug 15, 2010


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Q: How do you get a mail list?

A: List brokers are generally considered the most effective sources for vetted mail lists. "Vetted" is a key operative word. There are lots of garbage lists out there. APTCO works directly with some of the best wholesale list brokers.

Q: What should you avoid in your mailing list?
A: Watch out for too few qualified names, which might not yield a single sale from a list of 5,000. Also make sure the timing is right on who is qualified – if you are targeting customers looking for new cars, a list of new car buyers from even a year ago might be too dusty.

Q: What sort of mailer is most effective?
A: The goal is to get the recipient to stop and take a closer look, and hopefully open the mailer. Two of the best ways to do this are by sending “lumpy” packages or envelopes with some kind of promotional product, or adding creativity and color to the envelope itself.

Q: What kind of offer connects with customers?
A: A simple one. Make it easy to understand and compelling, so the customer will be more likely to move on it after receiving the first mailer. The more personally targeted it can be, the better.

Q: How can the mailer be personalized?
A: In addition to variable data fields, which places the recipient’s name and information on the mailer, personal URLs (or “PURLs”) are a growing tactic in direct mailing. These web addresses are tailored to every individual on the mailing list, putting his or her name in the URL you are directing them to and providing them with a “VIP landing page” that can also be customized with exactly what you want them to see.

Q: How can the recipient be called to action?
A: Be sure to include multiple ways to connect with the advertising company, including e-mail, phone, texting, and business reply card. The aim is to make it as easy and natural for recipients to respond as possible.

Q: What is the average sales rate on direct mail?
A: Opinions vary, but most experts agree that a 1% to 3% rate can be expected, though this can increase when combined with other marketing efforts.

There's no doubt that it's easy to waste money on direct mail if you don't know what you're doing. Yet smart marketers are achieving success even in a tough economy. We can help put you in the success camp. Let's talk about how.

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