7-Eleven Rocks Out with Branded Guitar Picks

  • Oct 21, 2008

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven was looking to get consumers to “walk this way” right into its stores with its May Guitar Hero: Aerosmith promotion. To promote the debut of its Full Throttle Frozen Blast Slurpee, it partnered with Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Activision's top-selling video game Guitar Hero.

Throughout May, consumers could enter codes listed on Slurpee cups into Slurpee.com for chances to win the game, an Xbox 360 and other prizes. To promote the sweepstakes and new Slurpee flavor, the popular convenience store chain created a mobile tour. Media vans with 6-foot by 12-foot video screens visited select stores where consumers could play the game live.

More than 10,000 custom guitar picks printed with Full Throttle Frozen Blast on one side and Slurpee.com on the other side were handed out. “One of the top ways our core customers for Slurpee drinks, ages 13 to 24, like to spend their leisure time is playing video games,” says Stephanie Hoppe, senior director of marketing of 7-Eleven, Inc. “So it was natural for 7-Eleven to tie-in with the game.”

7-Eleven Slurpee

Giant tear-off pads of posters featuring Guitar Hero and the Slurpee were posted at 484 locations near schools, train stations, beaches and other locations. Coupons were also distributed through college newspapers.

The end result: more than a quarter million fans entered the sweepstakes. “We expect to do more online and guerilla marketing as we continue our ‘Summer of Slurpee,’” says Hoppe. In June, 7-Eleven offered Incredible Hulk movie Slurpee cups and miniature character straws. “Customers seem to be coming back this month," she says, “because sales are up.”

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