Cancer Campaign Lifts Spirits

  • Jun 15, 2010

After extensive discussions, the planners decided on the theme, “Love Versus Cancer,” and launched an accompanying Web site ( at the beginning of February. The site invites visitors to send e-cards, share videos and learn about the FCCC.

Promotional products are a key component of the campaign. The FCCC's leadership developed the theme and used a “Love Versus Cancer” logo on buttons, stationery, T-shirts and more. When visitors register on the Web site, they receive a free button, while those making donations of $100 or more get a magnet to put on their car. Logoed T-shirts are also available to purchase online, as well as in the FCCC's gift shop.

Love versus Cancer campaign offers free buttons to people who register 

“When you leave the computer, you leave the campaign,” says Lisa Bailey, director of social media and communications for FCCC. “So the promotional products let the campaign live in other places.”

The effort has involved a significant expansion of the FCCC's social media presence, creating a special YouTube video of a pet therapy dog and branding its Facebook and Twitter accounts with the “Love Versus Cancer” theme. Since shifting to this theme, the FCCC has seen its social media memberships skyrocket and a boost in supporter sign-ups and donations.

The success of the campaign so far has the FCCC's leadership looking for ways to expand it further. They have already gone through the initial order of 6,000 buttons and are looking at incorporating “Love Versus Cancer” wristbands, as well.

“When someone is diagnosed with cancer, so many more people are touched than just that one person,” says Bailey. “This is a way to let those people share their love, share their thoughts and get involved.”

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