Case Study: These Calendars Aren't Week

May 24

Objective: A local bank wanted a way to thank their new customers with a promotional gift item that would have a high-perceived value. Product: Beach Trifold Calendar Personalization: The bank ...

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Case Study: Roll Up in Style

Apr 11

Description: Roll-Up Blanket Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500 What it was purchased for: A reward to employees for good service. How it was distributed: These blankets were mailed to locations ...

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Case Study: It Takes a Village

Mar 21

Objective: A village needed an easy way to let residents know when there were issues with their water meters. They wanted a faster method of communication than mailing letters, and something more...

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Better Together

Mar 11

Whether it’s peanut butter and jelly or Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes, some combinations make more magic than you’d expect. Find out how clever partnerships have boosted th...

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Case Study: Snack Pack It!

Feb 05

Vertical Market: Hospitality Product Use: Gift with Enrollment Promotion: An ocean excursion company chose the Igloo® Marine Backpack Cooler as a gift with enrollment for customers participat...

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Meme-worthy Merch

Dec 03, 2023

Drawing inspiration from viral videos, memes and other pop culture moments, these promo items help end users make memories. 1. Oscar Mayer Makes Hot Dog Straws For Real You might re...

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Case Study: Spec-Tacular Promotions

Oct 25, 2023

Description: CUSTOM Malibu Sunglasses Industry: Food & Beverage What it was purchased for: The end user wanted to give something away at this year’s Spring Break in Jamaica for an MTV e...

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More about Pop-up Stores

Oct 10, 2023

October is here, and the Halloween pop-up stores are all around. While these types of pop-ups may cost upwards of $30,000, some retailers can run a short pop-up event for around $1,500. When pl...

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Case Study: Keep it Sweet

Sep 25, 2023

Vertical Market: Hospitality Product Use: Employee Appreciation Promotion: A nationally known hotel chain gifted their staff the Everyday Sweet and Savory Gourmet Carry Caddy for Employee Appreci...

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Case Study: Shop 'til You Drop

Sep 18, 2023

A shopping mall was holding a late-winter promotion to increase traffic during typically slower months. Visitors to the complex received a "passport" to take to different stores within the mall for...

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Hot Potato Promo

Sep 11, 2023

We’ve never been fond of terms like giveaway or swag. Promotional products serve a lot serve a lot of purposes, and extending the reach of branding is certainly one of them. But when a pr...

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Case Study: You've Got the Power

Aug 27, 2023

A gym wanted to promote their additional personal training services. The client gave the Compact Aluminum Power Bank 4000 mAh away to new clients who booked an initial consultation with a trainer. ...

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Pop-up Stores and Promo

Aug 14, 2023

It won’t be long before you start seeing those Halloween pop-up stores in your community. You know the ones – they appear in vacant storefronts, often before the leaves have even ch...

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Case Study: A Shoe-In

Aug 12, 2023

The Golf Mesh Shoe Bag is an essential accessory for association tournaments. Designed to keep golf shoes organized and protected, this bag is made of durable mesh material that allows for breat...

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Case Study: A Comforting Friend

Jul 14, 2023

This ambulance service is very active in its local community. They use this plush Saint Bernard for children faced with the trauma of when an ambulance is needed. They consider their Saint Bernard ...

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Fashion Fit For Food

Jul 10, 2023

Wearing our favorite food brands has never been easier. Brands are getting more creative, designing products to mimic or represent our favorite snacks. Find out how these buzzworthy products in...

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Case Study: Real Modern Recognition

Jun 29, 2023

Market: Finance Product Use: Employee Recognition Promotion: A wealth management firm selected the Samsonite Executive Computer Backpack as an employee recognition gift. At the company’s ...

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Local-National Partnerships Make for Great Promo

Jun 12, 2023

Unconventional ideas paired with useful products can make lasting impressions. Though APTCO works mostly with small businesses, we love to see partnerships with national brands. It turns out th...

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Case Study: Masks and Casks

Jun 07, 2023

When a distillery was launching a new line of spirits, they collaborated with a large chain of liquor stores to promote their new products. The stores gave all employees PrevaGuard™ Face Mask...

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Case Study: Custom Caps with a Budget Cap

May 31, 2023

Description: Custom Cap Industry: Trade Show/Convention/Events What it was purchased for: A major national racing event was looking for giveaways to hand out to folks in suites and VIP sponsors. ...

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Case Study: Practice Putting

Apr 24, 2023

2 Ball Pillow Pack – Titleist® TruFeel for Non-Profit Event When a non-profit had to cancel their annual fundraising dinner due to Coronavirus, a golf course donated their clubhouse pati...

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Case Study: Piece of Cake

Apr 17, 2023

Objective: A bakery owner had built solid connections with other service providers within their local event industry, but they were looking to grow their business within the wedding market. Produc...

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Indictment Brings Out the Branded Merchandise

Apr 03, 2023

A few days ago, former president Donald Trump was indicted by New York grand jury relating to alleged hush money payments to adult entertainer Stormy Daniels. There are, of course, myriad takea...

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Case Study: The Write Stuff

Apr 02, 2023

Description: Rumba Pen Industry: Automotive What it was purchased for: An automotive supplier wanted to make their name visible in automotive stores around the country. How it was distributed: P...

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Case Study: Create Your Own Reality

Mar 19, 2023

Description: Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality v2 Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500 What it was purchased for: A leave behind for Field Marketing Account Managers to help convert business from the...

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Case Study: Sharper Students

Mar 12, 2023

Description: Pencil Sharpener Industry: Construction What it was purchased for: A shipyard in a major city harbor has advocates who go out to local schools to promote shipbuilding. These advocate...

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Top Brands Create Buzzworthy Promotions

Jan 08, 2023

Small businesses take note—this is how the big companies do it. Here are 5 recent promotions that brands used to reflect values, connect with consumers, and create exclusive experiences. ...

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Case Study: The Write Way

Jan 07, 2023

Item: WideBody® Message Pen Purpose: Inform people about range of services Audience: Clients and general public A chiropractic office wanted to inform clients and others about their range...

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Case Study: Plastics Make it Possible

Dec 23, 2022

Description: Oasis Recycled Bottle Pen Industry: Chemicals What it was purchased for: Trade Show Giveaways How it was distributed: A chemical company needed something to give away at a tradeshow...

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Case Study: Financial Industry

Nov 15, 2022

Products Javalina® Classic Pen Industry Financial Application Direct Mail A local bank wanted to increase awareness of its low mortgage rates and decided to do a direct mailin...

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Case Study: Keeping Colds at Bay, One Spritz at a Time

Nov 08, 2022

Keeping Colds at Bay, One Spritz at a Time Organization High School Product Featured Spray Hand Sanitizer Goal of Promotion To promote good health for the winter season Description of Cas...

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Building Employee Engagement

Sep 06, 2022

WE LogMeIn is a software provider specializing in remote access, a service that has seen a huge surge in demand since 2020. With around 300 employees, they saw the need to maintain a healthy e...

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Case Study: Sign the Deal

Aug 18, 2022

In the fall, a car dealership introduced a new model and promoted it to potential customers. The car dealer purchased a mailing list and merged it with its own database. The Ranger Stylus Sati...

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Case Study: A Golfer Giveaway

Aug 10, 2022

Objective An event organizer wanted consistent branding for everything from their tournament save the dates to golfer giveaways. Products Custom Tri-Fold Calendar, A2 (4-1/4" x 5-1/2") Folded Pr...

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An Award-winning Promotion

Aug 08, 2022

The annual Pyramid Awards sponsored by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) recognize creative marketing efforts that deliver results. We feature these on occasion to demonstra...

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Case Study: Boosting Trade Show Booth Traffic

Aug 03, 2022

The “Golden Lanyard” to Boosting Trade Show Booth Traffic Organization: Health Care Organization Product Featured: Cotton Water Bottle Strap Goal of Promotion: Driving Traff...

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Case Study: "Single Use" Pens for COVID-19

Jul 27, 2022

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, a financial institution decided to provide single-use pens in all their locations and for drive thru banking. This idea was intended to help stop the spre...

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Case Study: The Techno Pup!

Jun 20, 2022

A software company creates attention at tradeshow events with custom plush animal mascot giveaways. This plush Leonberger Dog Mascot for the company as giveaways at trade shows and other marketing ...

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Case Study: Work it Out!

May 29, 2022

A nationwide insurance company shifted their employees out of their field offices to at-home workspaces due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Their HR team was tasked with providing a team appreciation ...

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Case Study: A New Way to Do Cross-Promotions

May 14, 2022

Clever Meets Subtle: A New Way to Do Cross-Promotions Organization: Department Store Product Featured: Lanyard with Vinyl Pouch Goal of Promotion: Promoting Store Sales Description of Case ...

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Betcha Always Wondered!

May 07, 2022

When deadlines really matter, we in the promotional products business can do some remarkable things. We have supplier partners lined up to imprint and ship custom branded products for next day ...

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Case Study: Save the Date, Save the Day

Apr 29, 2022

Description: Trifold Calendars Industry: Banking What it was purchased for: A local bank wanted a way to thank their new customers with a promotional gift item that would have a high perceived va...

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Case Study: Wheelie Important Paperwork

Mar 15, 2022

Market: Automotive Objective: A motorcycle dealership wanted professional, branded document pouches to hold important paperwork for new customers to take home after their motorcycle purchase. Th...

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Case Study: Bake in Business

Feb 21, 2022

Description: Set of 4 Measuring Cups Industry: Hospitality / Tourism What it was purchased for: A casino in the Milwaukee area wanted to spice up a "normal giveaway" with a theme. They had come t...

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Case Study: Promo'd to a Tee

Feb 14, 2022

As part of a newly developed corporate social responsibility initiative, an insurance company instituted an annual “give back” day where employee groups volunteered in their communities...

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Case Study: Hay, Where'd You Get That Tote?

Jan 31, 2022

Description: Large Boat Tote Industry: Sports / Fitness What it was purchased for: Horse show giveaways How it was distributed: A local horse show needed gifts for their major contributors. A ...

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Case Study: What Does Your Phone Stand For?

Jan 16, 2022

Product: Phone Stand Industry: Financial What it was purchased for: A local financial institution needed a giveaway item for current and potential clients. It had to be useful to keep their name ...

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Case Study: Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Dec 24, 2021

Description: Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount Industry: Technology What it was purchased for: A technology business was looking for a giveaway item that was unique but also fit within their b...

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Case Study: A Not-So-Silly Idea

Dec 02, 2021

An insurance company signed up to be the “hydration” sponsor for a fun and colorful 5K run/walk for charity. The race was popular in the community because it was known as a vibrant, fun...

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Case Study: Too Hot to Jot

Nov 18, 2021

Objective: Department managers wanted their new employees to have an easy way to take notes during the onboarding process. They wanted to incorporate company branding to keep their image consiste...

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Case Study: Thank You for Spooning

Oct 20, 2021

Description: 10 Oz. Aztec Spooner Mug Industry: Advertising / Marketing / Publishing What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertisers...

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Case Study: A StuPENdous Promotion

Oct 06, 2021

Description: Dart Pen Industry: Technology What it was purchased for: A data storage company wanted an item they could put on their company store website in which branches or divisions could purc...

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Origin of Lanyards May Surprise You

Sep 13, 2021

Simple and efficient, lanyards keep important items close throughout day-to-day activities. In the early 1500s, lanyards were invented as a way to carry weapons and keep them accessible. Lanyar...

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Case Study: Keeping it All Together

Sep 08, 2021

Objective: An insurance company wanted to send new customers home with a special gift and a way to keep their new insurance policy documentation organized. Product: Insurance Document Pouch & Fu...

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Case Study: A Wedded Keepsake

Aug 10, 2021

Item: JAFFA® Scalloped Edge Vase Purpose: Gift vase for use during wedding ceremonies Audience: Engaged couples A church wanted an elegant and useful gift for couples who chose their venue f...

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Medical Practice Promotion a Winner

Aug 09, 2021

Medical Practice Promotion a Winner Central Family Medical wanted to accomplish two things: Simultaneously educate their community about common home ailments and how to treat them, and at the ...

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Case Study: Snap a Pic!

Aug 02, 2021

Objective: A large photography studio wanted a better welcome kit for their wedding clients than just a few loose flyers. Product: Mini Horizontal Pocket Folder Personalization: The photography s...

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Case Study: An Icy Cool Promotion

Jul 18, 2021

Description: 16 Oz. Swiggy Stainless Steel Bottle Industry: Non-Profit What it was purchased for: The item was purchased for a youth camping trip. The bottles were meant to hold the water for...

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Learning Junkie Program a Big Motivator

Jul 12, 2021

Personally speaking, I love to learn. That’s not to say I loved every moment of school! But I've always enjoyed learning new things, and that hasn’t changed since school ended. In f...

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Case Study: Don't Run from this Promo!

Jun 05, 2021

Description: Running Belt Fanny Pack Industry: Sports / Fitness What it was purchased for: A nationwide gym chain was looking for an item to give away with the purchase of yearly memberships....

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Case Study: Insuring Happy Employees

May 29, 2021

Item: JAFFA® Round Zinc Coaster Purpose: End of year gifts for employees Audience: Insurance firm employees An insurance firm had a particularly prosperous year and wanted to give employees ...

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How Many Sleeves Does Your T-shirt Have?

May 10, 2021

How Many Sleeves Does Your T-shirt Have? Miller Lite Is Selling One-Sleeved 'Vax Time Tees' to Benefit Restaurant Workers We have beer can antennas for game day, and our Dive Bar candles are ...

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Case Study: I've Got You Covered

Apr 16, 2021

Description: Chenille Blanket Industry: Health Care / Pharmaceutical What it was purchased for: A local hospital needed blankets to hand out to children who were currently patients that they coul...

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Two Successful Promotions

Apr 12, 2021

We often feature stories about marketing campaigns run by small neighborhood businesses—ones you’ve never met but that might have a lot in common with you. But this time we’ve...

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Case Study: This Event Needs More Cowbell

Apr 01, 2021

Description: Cow Bell Industry: Trade Show / Convention / Events What it was purchased for: A charity marathon coordinator wanted a giveaway that spectators could use to cheer on their runner...

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Case Study: Bear With Us

Mar 18, 2021

Description: Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt Industry: Financial Services / Banking What it was purchased for: A bank chain needed a product for tellers to hand out to new account members. How it ...

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Celebrating 25 Years

Mar 08, 2021

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. In 1996, after 19 years of working in the printing and promotions business, I decided it was time to own my own company. I remember ...

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Case Study: Jamming Out

Mar 03, 2021

A shopping mall was holding a summer promotion to increase traffic during typically slower months. Visitors to the complex were given a “passport” to take to different stores within the...

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Case Study: A Race to Remember

Feb 24, 2021

Item: Sport Bottle with Metallic Ring – 28 oz. Purpose: Race day giveaway Audience: Breast cancer survivors and race participants A regional race—Race For America— supporting b...

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Winning Promotions

Feb 08, 2021

Every year, PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) recognizes promotional campaigns that have achieved extraordinary results with a Pyramid Award. These span a wide range of cate...

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Case Study: Health & Wellness Spas

Feb 03, 2021

Products Javalina Jewel® Pen Industry Health & Wellness Spas Application Future Visits A day spa wanted to ensure that its guests always received the royal treatment. To encourag...

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Case Study: I Was Framed!

Jan 27, 2021

Objective: The city was celebrating National Public Works Week with a community event. The event provided education for community members, as well as games for entertainment. Event planners wante...

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Case Study: A Spoon-taneous Promotion

Jan 20, 2021

Description: Spoon Mug Industry: Advertising What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertisers. How it was distributed: The spoon mug...

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Case Study: Lunchtime Loot

Jan 13, 2021

A restaurant supply company was planning its annual company picnic for employees and their families. Every year, the company gives employees a nice gift in the $10 range. This year, the company cho...

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Local Promotion Brings Community Together

Jan 11, 2021

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the community. Even though APTCO is a national company, many of our clients are primarily focused on building and maintaining business in their local area....

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Case Study: Happy to Hang Around

Dec 01, 2020

Description: Standard Door Hangers Industry: Automotive What it was purchased for: A collision center wanted to increase the number of customer satisfaction survey responses and boost online appo...

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Case Study: Have a Seat

Nov 16, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, a non-profit healthcare provider needed additional waiting room seating for their clinics and health centers across the state. As a non-profit, they needed an affor...

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Case Study: A Hole in One Promotion

Nov 01, 2020

Product: Jumbo Cooler Bag Industry: Agriculture What it was purchased for: These bags were given out to participants in a company golf tournament. How it was distributed: All participants receiv...

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Case Study: It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Aug 28, 2020

Item: Puppies & Kittens Mini Appointment Calendar Client: Pet Food Manufacturer Purpose: Increase pet food sales through goodwill campaign A pet food manufacturer partnered with a nationwide ...

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Case Study: Success on Campus

Aug 20, 2020

A large university needed a useful tool to promote its school app to students and faculty because it wanted to use the app to communicate important college news and upcoming events. Since most stud...

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Case Study: Improve Sales and Traffic

Aug 06, 2020

A hotel wanted to promote its amenities to guests in a personable, yet non-intrusive manner. The goal was to encourage guests to utilize hotel amenities instead of going off-site to fulfill their n...

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Case Study: Go Green or Go Home

Jul 30, 2020

Item: goingreen™ Stapled Appointment Calendar Purpose: Promote awareness of recycling programs and provide recycling information to the community Audience: Residents of the company’...

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Case Study: Bringing Back the Fanny Pack

Jul 01, 2020

Market: Entertainment Product Use: Gift With Purchase Promotion: A major theme park chose the Safeguard Security Waist Belt as a gift with purchase for customers who bought season passes. The w...

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Case Study: Life of the Mardi

May 04, 2020

Market: Hospitality Objective: With their event scheduled close to Mardi Gras, event planners wanted to provide a themed goodie package for attendees with giveaways from event sponsors. They wan...

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Case Study: Pull Up a Chair and Stay Awhile

Apr 27, 2020

Description: Foldable Chair Industry: Education/Sports What it was purchased for: A high school wanted to purchase an item they could resell to the parents in the spirit shop for fundraising doll...

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Case Study: Keep it Cooler

Apr 13, 2020

Description: Dual Compartment Cooler Bag Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500 What it was purchased for: An annual company picnic for employees and their families. Each year they give their ...

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Case Study: Zip It Up

Apr 06, 2020

Description: Hit Sports Pack with Front Zipper Industry: Broadcast Media/Telecommunication What it was purchased for: A cellular provider needed giveaways for an event at a major universi...

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Case Study: Employee Appreciation Gift

Mar 15, 2020

A company with many sales representatives needed an item for their top sales performers. Since their sales staff has both men and women, they needed an item that could be used by either gender....

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Top of the Pyramid

Mar 10, 2020

Promotional Products are everywhere. Businesses of every size and non-profits of every stripe have them. Problem is, most of them just chose something to “get their name out there.”...

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Case Study: Wave Hello to Promotions

Feb 29, 2020

Description: Custom Wave Cap Industry: Automotive What it was purchased for: The client was looking for a signature cap that would be unique, high-quality, and something that the recip...

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Still More Award-winning Promotions

Feb 11, 2020

Every year, Promotional Products Association International recognizes the most creative promotional marketing campaigns with Pyramid Awards. It’s always fun to look at some examples to se...

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Case Study: Safety First

Dec 19, 2019

Product: Auto Safety Kit Industry: Banking What it was purchased for: As a gift to anyone who opened a new bank account for over $1,000.00. How it was distributed: The bank was looking for a bra...

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Case Study: Fun in the Sun

Dec 12, 2019

Product: Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses Industry: Sports What it was purchased for: A major sports team was having difficulty keeping attendance up at weeknight games. They came up with the idea of d...

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How to Tie Social Media to Promo

Dec 10, 2019

These days, any company looking to gain attention through marketing is bound to include social media in its plans. The smart ones don’t stop there. They make sure to combine different cha...

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Case Study: Raise Your Glass!

Nov 27, 2019

Objective A local brewery wanted an eye-catching promotional item to place on tables that would boost their alcohol sales and highlight their weekly specials while encouraging enrollment for their...

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Case Study: Do a Double Take

Nov 20, 2019

Objective A general contracting company was looking for a fun way to provide "before and after" photos to their clients after a remodeling project was complete. Product Double-Sided P...

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Case Study: A Prom Ticket Keepsake

Nov 06, 2019

A Prom Ticket Keepsake Organization High School Product Featured Neoprene Bracelet Goal of Promotion Issuing prom tickets ...

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Still Effective After All These Years

Sep 10, 2019

In the world of advertising, effectiveness has to be one of the most important metrics. You can talk about exposure all day long, but if the receiver of the advertising doesn’t take some ...

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Case Study: A New Twist on Coupons

Sep 09, 2019

Organization Tanning Salon Product Featured Polyester Lanyard Goal of Promotion To create new clients for salon Description of Case History A tanning salon wanted a creative way to give ou...

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We’re Not Just Playing Around

Aug 13, 2019

With today’s hectic pace and the increasing amount of stress we shoulder, it’s no wonder that people are looking for more ways to play. Many of them turn to toys and games that teac...

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Beyond the Basic Cotton T-shirt

Jul 09, 2019

Summer means T-shirt season is here. 100% cotton has been the traditional go-to fabric for festivals, walks, and company events of all types. But that is changing. Specialty fabrics and decorat...

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Case Study: Stick to the Schedule

Jul 06, 2019

Industry: Hospitality Personalization: A small sandwich shop wanted to increase their business during lunch hour. Their target market was people who worked near their restaurant. Method of Distri...

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Craftily Concealed Construction

May 14, 2019

We learn a lot each year studying the results of printing and marketing awards, such as the PEAK awards presented by the PSDA (Print Services Distribution Association). The image above has qu...

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Case Study: Resort Incentive Yields Oceans of Opportunity

Apr 26, 2019

A five-star resort that frequently hosts corporate events for Fortune 500 companies wanted to reach out to corporate guests to entice them to return for family vacations. The goal was for the guest...

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Case Study: Guess the Flavor Lip Balm

Apr 19, 2019

Guess the Flavor Lip Balm Organization Health Insurance Organization Product Featured Lip Balm & Lip Balm Sleeve Goal of Promotion Generating positive reinforcement with sales reps ...

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Case Study: Let the Games Begin!

Apr 11, 2019

Product: Custom Malibu Sunglasses Industry: Automotive/Banking What it was purchased for: A car company wanted to find a product that would promote their brand at a local college BCS Bowl Games. ...

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Promotional Products Through the Centuries

Apr 09, 2019

We’ve written here before that one of the earliest uses of promotional products was campaign buttons for George Washington. Of course, they’ve been a staple of political campaigns e...

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Case Study: Jot It Down

Mar 21, 2019

Description: Mini Flip Pad Jotter Industry: Financial What it was purchased for: An investment firm wanted to promote their new financial blog to their existing customers with a memorable branded...

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A Lunch That Packs a Punch

Mar 14, 2019

Description: 3 Section Lunch Container Industry: Healthcare What it was purchased for: A hospital was looking for a unique lunch packet for nurses, doctors, and anyone else employed at any of the...

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Reverse Logos? Selfies Reign

Mar 12, 2019

A trend started to emerge recently. Some pretty big corporate giants—like Hugo Boss—started noticing that its young consumers were choosing their branded apparel based on how the lo...

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Case Study: This Promotional Product is in the Bag

Feb 27, 2019

Description: Laundry Bag Industry: Financial What it was purchased for: A credit union wanted to target college students and offer them an incentive to open a new account. They chose a design, &l...

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Case Study: Attract New Customers

Feb 13, 2019

As part of their new corporate wellness program, the company wanted to stress the importance of healthy nutrition to its employees. Along with literature, discount memberships at a local health clu...

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Case Study: Recycle, Reuse, Read a Book!

Feb 06, 2019

Product: Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag Industry: Bookstore What it was purchased for: A large college bookstore wanted to feature a reusable shopping bag for students. The goal was to get the studen...

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Case Study: It's in the Bag

Jan 29, 2019

Description Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag Industry Bookstore What it was purchased for A large Metropolitan Community College Bookstore wanted to feature a reusable shopping bag to the students w...

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Case Study: Look, Ma, No Hands!

Jan 22, 2019

Description: Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount Industry: Technology What it was purchased for: A technology business was looking for a giveaway item that was unique but also fit within their bud...

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Case Study: The Big Picture

Dec 18, 2018

Description: Coupon Photo Folder Industry: Hospitality What it was purchased for: A restaurant was looking for a unique way to deliver custom printed coupons to their guests to attract more repea...

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Case Study: College Fair Booth Gift

Nov 12, 2018

Description: 4" Mini Plush Buddies Frog with Shirt Industry: Education What it was purchased for: A community college was looking for a gift to have at their booth for the upcoming college fairs ...

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Fundraising the Bar

Jul 10, 2018

You know those car wash fundraiser events school children hold to raise money for a trip or cause? The effort is admirable, but the quality of the wash is questionable, the time it takes is ext...

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Direct Mail Marketing That Gets Attention

Jun 01, 2018

Collin Street Bakery, a highly respected Texas-based bakery, had an image problem. It sold fruitcake in a world that makes fun of fruitcakes. “Collin Street Bakery has been shipping to 200 c...

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What’s New in T-shirts

Jun 10, 2017

These walking billboards are everywhere. And they have been for a long time, about 80 years. That is, the promotional variety. Plain T-shirts are older than that, starting as underwear around 1...

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Really Now, Why Does This Work So Well?

May 10, 2017

Advertising comes in many forms — radio, television, newspapers, magazines, brochures, and increasingly, online tools such as websites, blogs, and emails. But study after study shows that...

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Employee Engagement: Is There a Problem Here?

Mar 01, 2017

According to the Gallup Organization, 70% of employees just aren’t that into their jobs. Hello? If that isn’t a wake up call, somebody is really sleeping soundly. Disengaged employe...

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Testing Lab Trade Show Promo Is a Hit

Jan 07, 2017

Medallion Labs planned to set meetings with qualified prospects during a trade show. Previous shows had been lackluster; no more than 10 prospects had signed up in the previous year. New strateg...

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What? Trees can do THAT? Much more than paper.

Dec 07, 2016

The much-maligned tree has been subject to a lot of abuse in recent years. All those email footnotes that plead to you to not print the email, the cry of “save a tree!” Meanwhile, the ...

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Great Tool for Awareness Campaigns

Sep 07, 2016

Breast cancer awareness gets a lot of attention. And rightfully so. There are a lot of people working very hard to ensure that Breast Cancer is a “Top Of Mind” issue. However, there are...

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Brain Games — How to Spice Up Promotions

May 12, 2016

It's called gamification — turning a business objective into a game. Supposing you have a goal of getting employees more deeply engaged in creative processes that result in product improv...

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More Award-Winning Promotions

Apr 10, 2016

Last month we featured some creative marketing campaigns that received awards from Promotional Products Association International - PPAI. We continue in this issue with some more promotions tha...

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Award-Winning Promotions

Mar 12, 2016

Promotional Products Association International - PPAI - recently awarded the most effective promotional campaigns of the past year. Note: not the coolest products, but the promotions that deliv...

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Who Wants To Be A Minion-aire?

Sep 12, 2015

>Universal Pictures dug deep to promote this past summer's animated Minions movie. The marketing leading up to, and during the release of Minions was an absolute blitz. The creatures were every...

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Summer Means Baseball Which Means Bobbleheads

Jul 13, 2015

Garden gnomes, soap dispensers, fedoras and replica championship rings are just a few of the new promotional items MLB teams will give away at ballparks this season. Still, the promo product th...

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Let's Go To the Movies

May 14, 2015

Everything from plastic fangs promoting the latest vampire flick to whoopee cushions decorated with the title of an upcoming slapstick comedy has been used in product advertising for motion pic...

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Professional Sports Loves Promotional Products

Mar 10, 2015

The NBA and NHL seasons are into their second acts, spring training is already here for major league baseball (even if Spring isn’t). Professional sports takes marketing seriously. Those ...

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Dimensional Mailing Gets Big Results

Jan 10, 2015

With the proliferation of email for marketing (yes, including this very newsletter), old fashioned physical mail can have a bigger impact than ever. That is, if it gets attention. Here's an exa...

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How and Why Do You Use Promotional Products?

Aug 10, 2014

Promotional products are everywhere. From screen printed T-shirts to pens to mugs to key tags, company logos are viewed thousands of times per day. But so what? Branded promotional items are a ...

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Motley Zoo - Rock Stars of Animal Rescue

Jul 10, 2014

Nonprofit organizations face many challenges. Their marketing budgets are generally much smaller than those of major corporations. They have to depend on donations rather than sales to generate...

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Incentive Program Helps Customers and Employees

Apr 10, 2014

It's probably a surprise to nobody that surveys rating satisfaction with customer service usually have cable TV providers near the bottom of the list. “Waiting for the cable guy” is...

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How the Selfie Turned a T-shirt Into a Campaign

Mar 12, 2014

With virtually every cell phone, whether smartphone or simple flip phone, having a camera, the “selfie” has become a cultural phenomenon. People are not just taking photos of themse...

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Let the Music Play

Feb 10, 2014

The recording industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few years. Gone are the days when artists depended on signing with a major label, who would then handle all the promotion. ...

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Literacy Program Builds a Brand

Nov 12, 2013

KPMG, an audit, tax and advisory services firm, recently developed a brand-boosting marketing campaign. They developed a tagline – “The Right Team” – and recognized that...

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Bobblehead Day backfires on Yankees

Sep 26, 2013

Earlier this month we were talking about what a powerful promotion a bobblehead day could be for major league baseball teams. They've been proven to drive sales in a big way. The NY Yankees pla...

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It's All About the Results

Sep 13, 2013

Regular readers of this newsletter know how we feel about the word giveaway. We believe in promotions but hate giveaways. Though a large portion of our business is in providing branded promotio...

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Hail to the Payroll Goddess

Jul 10, 2013

Payroll managers can be the Rodney Dangerfields of a business. No respect. When everyone's check is perfect, who bothers to thank them? But they're surely going to hear about it when there's an...

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Coke Knows Branded Products Work

Dec 10, 2012

As reported in the NY Times, Coca Cola has expanded their use of branded products. Last week saw the launch of a big new campaign. December has always been a big time for Coke advertising, ever...

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HR Managers Use Promotional Products For Results

Jul 10, 2012

How do human resource professionals motivate employees, boost productivity, and improve customer service? These were some of the questions asked by Promotional Products Association Internationa...

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Don’t Mess With Bigfoot

Jun 12, 2012

When it came time to unveil a new promotion, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky turned to Sasquatch. The big furry guy is the brand’s icon. The brand recently unveiled new television commercial...

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Look Who's Using Direct Mail

May 08, 2012

The US Postal Service has had to endure hearing the term “snail mail” for over a decade. As internet usage has become mainstream, mail volume has seriously declined to the point tha...

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Survey Says Everyone Steals Pens

Mar 05, 2012

Well, everyone who works in an office, that is. Paper Mate® (who has quite an interest in pens) commissioned a survey of 1000 people from around the US who are full time office workers. Scott C...

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Wellness Programs That Really Work

Feb 14, 2012

Rising health-care costs have made wellness programs a good deal for companies that invest in them, and now Uncle Sam has stepped in to make it easier to create and fund them. The new Health Ca...

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When Is It Good To Disconnect From The World

Jan 10, 2012

As we're all in the process of rebooting from a busy holiday season, surely we can appreciate this story. Last Thanksgiving, besides enjoying a big turkey, about 11,000 people took a pledge to ...

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Hot Competition Features Branded Cups for Charity

Dec 13, 2011

Sports fans will do anything for their teams, right? Marketers tested this theory during last college basketball season by pitting three Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, area colleges against e...

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Mentorship Program a Promotional Success

Nov 08, 2011

The State Bar of South Dakota had a problem. The supply of lawyers in rural areas of the state had been dwindling over a period of several years. Law school graduates were more attracted to joi...

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Unique T-Shirts Promote Movie

Oct 18, 2011

Producers of The Mechanic, an action thriller starring Jason Statham as a hit man, needed a unique promo to stand out amid the din of movie madness bombarding the media and consumers today. The...

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Corporate Wellness Incentives Reduce Costs

Oct 11, 2011

Corporate wellness programs that offer employees rewards can help significantly reduce the cost of health care, according to a new report released a few weeks ago. Data shows that wellness ince...

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Consumers Want Their Calendars The Traditional Way: In Print

Jul 19, 2011

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI; the not-for-profit association for more than 8,000 members of the $16 billion promotional products industry, has published studie...

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The Royal Wedding - A Promo Product Bonanza

May 10, 2011

The wedding of England's Prince William and Catherine Middleton, which practically the whole world knows took place on April 29, has been almost impossible to miss in London for the past few mo...

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How To Turn A Booth Into A Viral Marketing Machine

Apr 12, 2011

Virus. What a word! Loaded. It used to pertain strictly to disease - the human kind. Then we began to think of our computers as living. So we ascribed all sorts of human characteristics to them...

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Strange Love Makes for a Hit Promotion

Dec 21, 2010

An unusual product requires an unusual promotion. Culturelle, a company that makes dietary supplements that aid in digestive health and immune-system functioning, was looking to promote its bra...

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“Green Queen” Builds a Personal Brand

Nov 16, 2010

Real Estate sales is all about personal branding. This is not to say that a corporate brand isn’t important; it can certainly add some credibility. But it's really about the agent. Susan Si...

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Politics and Business Mix with a Bobblehead Twist

Nov 09, 2010

Though politics is on everyone's mind these days, most people try to avoid discussing it in a business situation. And though businesses may be making contributions to campaigns, you won't gener...

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Magazine Publishing Enjoys Increase

Oct 19, 2010

Magazines, like newspapers, have faced a challenging market the past few years. Many have been forced to close as both subscriptions and advertising revenue have declined, while printing costs ha...

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Human Rights Watch Unlocks Prisons With Pens

Oct 12, 2010

Let's be honest, pens are one of the most over-used promotional products. Who doesn't have a drawer full of neglected pens with somebody's name or logo on them, set aside because they were cheap,...

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Direct Mail Rebounds

Sep 14, 2010

Direct mail has been the mainstay marketing solution for many businesses for decades, but it has faced more than its share of challenges in the past few years. The expanding use of online marke...

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Publisher's Pre-release Promotion Boosts Orders

Aug 17, 2010

Publishers have a tough task trying to get attention for new novels in a crowded and competitive field. Booksellers have so many options to choose from, that even works from well-known authors ...

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Ferns tell the story for local bank

Jul 20, 2010

Select small businesses in Manhattan and Brooklyn recently received an unexpected gift — a live fern. The fern served as an introduction to The Park Avenue Bank, a local New York City ban...

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Now That's A Clever Product Tie-In

Jul 12, 2010

What's the best promotional product to drive home the theme of a marketing campaign or event? It's a never-ending question. The marketing idea is always more important than the product, but when th...

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Did McDonald's Go Too Far With the Recall?

Jun 21, 2010

Companies who use promotional products as part of their marketing campaigns took notice a couple of weeks ago when 12 million Shrek-branded drinking glasses were recalled by McDonald's. The paint...

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Cancer Campaign Lifts Spirits

Jun 15, 2010

After extensive discussions, the planners decided on the theme, “Love Versus Cancer,” and launched an accompanying Web site ( at the beginning of February. ...

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What's In A Name

Jun 08, 2010

Do you ever wonder where company names come from? Sometimes multi-million dollar consulting contracts are involved, but sometimes it's just a whim! Regardless, they can have a major impact on p...

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PlumChoice Paints the Town Purple

May 18, 2010

When you're one of many technical support services looking to stand out at industry events, it helps to be colorful. PlumChoice has recognized this simple fact and chosen to firmly embrace its ...

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LiveWell Colorado Campaign Keeps Colorado Fit

May 11, 2010

Colorado residents rank as the nation's leanest, and they're not resting on their laurels. “The fact that nearly 19% of adults in our state are obese is cause for concern,” says Mar...

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Kids Get Schooled About Community College

Apr 20, 2010

There can be a certain stigma attached to attending a community college. That's why Onondaga Community College (OCC) decided not only to revamp the image of its educational institution, but als...

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Adina for Life Campaign Uses Proven Branding Methods

Apr 13, 2010

There's no replacement for real-world experience. 10 years ago, startup beverage brand SoBe made the right marketing choices, and the result was the acquisition by PepsiCo for about $370 millio...

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Street Marketing Takes Off

Mar 09, 2010

If you were visiting Chicago last summer and you thought you saw a giant owl, you weren't hallucinating. You likely saw Ollie, the TripAdvisor mascot. The owl and a TripAdvisor street team targ...

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Jones-ing for Promotional Products

Jan 12, 2010

This summer, Jones Soda proudly proclaimed that it was “the official soda of the road trip.” To prove it, the premium soda brand teamed with Griffin Technology to reward people for ...

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Concert Venue Grabs Media Attention

Sep 15, 2009

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion needed to increase event media coverage and ticket sales. Traditional print and radio advertising had proven to be very expensive in past seasons. They knew ...

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Mott’s Gets Its Pink On

Sep 08, 2009

With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up soon, Mott's got a head start this summer with a well-thought-out campaign to raise awareness. They chose a theme to prove they are “Pink to t...

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Dairy Queen Plays it Sweet with Bloggers

Aug 18, 2009

International Dairy Queen may be onto something. The fast food chain, which specializes in frozen treats, recently used a promotional product to “bribe” bloggers to write about its ...

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How to Have a Show Stopper at Your Next Trade Show

Aug 11, 2009

Anybody can give away pens, key chains, and T-shirts at a trade show. But it's how you use these products to interact - and even play - with show attendees that makes them linger in your booth ...

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Integrated Chipware Visitors See the Future

Jul 21, 2009

High-tech company Integrated Chipware was looking forward to a trade show to introduce their new icWORKSHOP product. The target audience consisted of programmers and engineers. Since this was i...

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Oh, No! Don't Say Giveaway!

Jul 14, 2009

We get lots of phone calls from companies looking for products to give to customers, prospects, or even employees in an effort to market themselves. Many of them already have an idea what they ...

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Video Game Kicks It Into Gear

May 19, 2009

Earlier this year, select reporters, bloggers and key “influencers” received a mysterious box in the mail. In it was a single metal cog engraved with a series of letters and numeral...

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Office Items Get the Job Done for Staffing Service

Dec 16, 2008

On-the-job training is an essential part of business, but what about on-the-job marketing? It works for creative-staffing firm The Boss Group. The company makes sure to provide the talent it pl...

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Cause Breathes Fire into Dragon Boat Festival

Nov 18, 2008

Dragon boat racing originated as an ancient Chinese ritual intended to win the good graces of river dragons. Today, it’s a widely growing sport, reminiscent of crew – and at least o...

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Dippin' Dots Sweepstakes Uses Movie Tie-in

Nov 11, 2008

For the up-and-coming frozen treats company Dippin' Dots, its movie tie-in with New Line Cinema's Journey to the Center of the Earth was a big deal. To get the most out of its first-ever movie ...

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7-Eleven Rocks Out with Branded Guitar Picks

Oct 21, 2008

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven was looking to get consumers to “walk this way” right into its stores with its May Guitar Hero: Aerosmith promotion. To promote the debut of its Ful...

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Save A Squirrel Campaign Grabs Attention

Oct 14, 2008

Monroe Shocks and Struts has a message for all of the animal lovers of the world: “Replacing worn ride control components could improve vehicle steering, stopping and stability – an...

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Sales Trainer has Calculated Plan for Success

Sep 16, 2008

How does a wildly successful sales consultant and author of a New York Times bestseller (The Ultimate Sales Machine) promote himself to his top prospects? With promotional products, of course. ...

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A Loyalty Program That Works

Sep 09, 2008

It is frightening when cracks suddenly appear in the cement in and around your home. The first thought is “Uh-oh, this is going to cost me a small fortune to fix.” There’s not...

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Unexpected Product Works for Fitness Center

Aug 19, 2008

When marketing a fitness center, the first promo items that come to mind are probably exercise-related: sports bottles, gym bags, bottled water, etc. But June Hines, of June Hines Pilates, figu...

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Kids Eat up Movie Premiums Along with Meals

Aug 12, 2008

How does a smaller restaurant chain compete locally with the huge international franchises? One way is to take an established idea – kids’ premiums – and give it a local twist...

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Eco Campaign is Natural Choice for Environmental Law Firm

Jul 08, 2008

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP’s practice in environmental law goes back to “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” (the late 1960s, that is). After decades of serving client ...

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Humane Society is Barking up Right Tree

Jun 10, 2008

Upfront gifts from non-profits to prospective donors are nothing new, but they’re usually low-cost items like address labels, greeting cards and notepads. Not so with a recent mailing fro...

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A Paul Bunyan-esque Promo

May 20, 2008

No, they weren’t cooking up brontosaurus burgers at Chicago’s John Hancock Center on March 7. Rather, it was a giant bratwurst. Johnsonville Sausages set up a 30-foot grill, above w...

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Digital Incentives Help Non-Profits

Apr 08, 2008

With so many important issues to address and so much need in the world, non-profit organizations are faced with a daunting proposition: How do they generate public awareness for their cause; an...

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Colorado Rockies Target Season Tickets

Mar 18, 2008

Season tickets carry no small price tag, so the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club wanted to do something special to show appreciation to these valued fans. Season ticket holders received a complet...

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Pigs On The Wing

Mar 11, 2008

You know the cliché “yeah, the day pigs fly.” You've probably even used it yourself at one point or another. Well, Capital One is taking the term literally. In November, Cap...

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Fun campaign attracts college students

Feb 19, 2008

Cotton Inc. exists to promote the cotton industry, through technical services, information, and market trend analysis. It sought to create awareness and increase the use of cotton fabric produc...

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Safety Campaign Reduces Accidents

Feb 12, 2008

At Massey Energy's 15 different coal mining sites, safety is a moment-by-moment concern. A recent campaign had the objectives of increasing awareness of safety habits in the workplace, improvin...

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T.LINK dog draws them in!

Jan 15, 2008

TeleVox Software sought to generate interest in a product for orthodontists during the introduction of a national tradeshow and drive attendees to the tradeshow booth. Software products have a ...

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Low Cost Sweepstakes Yields Huge Returns

Jan 08, 2008

Borax is an old brand, 115 years old, to be exact. Like many veteran brands, its consumer base tends to be, well, a bit older. To draw in a younger generation of women who were unfamiliar with ...

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Online Training Site Achieves 47% Response rate

Dec 18, 2007

NewsU is a nonprofit entity that provides online training for journalists and journalism students. It sought to create awareness of News University and extend the reach of the organization. Th...

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AMBER Alerts promote sign-ups

Dec 11, 2007

The first three hours after an abduction are the most critical in recovery efforts. This statistic was the driving force behind the creation of the AMBER alerts program, an early response syste...

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Financial Institutions Seek Younger Clients

Nov 20, 2007

Whether it is a bank, a credit union, an investment firm, or a credit card company, financial institutions have one major thing in common: they all want to tap into the middle school, high scho...

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Nike Incentive Program Boosts Attendance

Nov 20, 2007

Nike employs factory workers around the world. Without enough workers on the line, production must shut down, which can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars per occurrence. Every manuf...

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Promotion Raises Awareness of Second-hand Smoke

Nov 13, 2007

The Arizona Department of Health Services wanted to generate community awareness of the risks of second-hand smoke, particularly as it affects children. The campaign, first introduced with TV ...

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Poker-Themed Promo Puts Politician in the Chips

Oct 09, 2007

“Family values” is one of the most common phrases you'll hear in the typical politician's repertoire. The last thing a candidate or elected official wants is to be associated with a...

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Dairy outreach program is udder success

Sep 18, 2007

When you have a mascot as memorable as Queenie the Cow, you want to milk her for all she's worth. Penn Maid Dairy in Philadelphia does that by taking its message to local schools. Queenie and o...

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Clothing Company Wrists It All for Earth's Climate

Aug 21, 2007

Canadian clothing company Roots wouldn't live up to it's name if it wasn't committed to Earth's wellbeing. “Dating back to the inception of Roots, the company has always been active in va...

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Free Music Downloads Fuel Domino's Promo

Aug 14, 2007

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza versus Brooklyn Style Pizza: Which one's the better pie, and why? That's the buzz behind Domino's latest national product promotion, which brought the two regionally ...

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Organic Tee is Natural Fit for Eco-friendly Hotel

Jul 17, 2007

The ancient Greek goddess Gaia is a personification of the earth, and Napa Valley's Gaia Hotel and Spa is named after her for a good reason. Billed as “the first fully environmentally sus...

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Get Healthy for Summer” Motivates Retail Chain

Jul 10, 2007

Summer is here. Marketers who incorporate a summer theme into their programs started long ago to develop their programs. Abbott Laboratories was about to unveil a new “Get Healthy for Sum...

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Speaking of Buzz, Campaign of Few Words Generates Big Buzz

Jun 12, 2007

Can two words sum up what a hospital and its staff are all about? Sure, when they're backed up by a huge marketing program like the Hello Life campaign launched by Brookwood Medical Center in B...

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AMC butters up sports fans with popcorn offer

May 15, 2007

In an age where an abundance of home entertainment turns many people into couch potatoes, movie theaters are eager to reach out to those willing to leave the house for entertainment. Figuring t...

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Think Different - not just for Apple!

Apr 10, 2007

Promoting a line of pre-cast concrete school buildings may seem like a non-glamorous task, but that only made this lively, creative campaign that much more of a surprise and a success. Fibrebo...

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Stress Reliever Makes A Large Impression

Jan 16, 2007

Loctite Sumo Glue is a new, heavy-duty, universal glue with a name that emphasizes its bonding strength. Realizing the the sumo wrestler image is a powerful one, maker Hekel Consumer Adhesives ...

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Bank Makes Play For Football Fans

Nov 14, 2006

Bank of America is one of the world's largest financial institutions. When they do a promotion, they do it big-time. For example, for the home opener for the Carolina Panthers NFL season this y...

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Clean Air Advocates Raise Awareness

Oct 17, 2006

The St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership was formed in 1995 to raise awareness of air-quality issues and to encourage people in the area to help reduce air pollution. Each summer - typicall...

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Guerilla Marketing Promotes Free ATM’s

Oct 10, 2006

The signs were everywhere: billboards, newspapers, even posters on the subway. To promote its new “no ATM fees at any bank anywhere” policy, TD Banknorth kicked off a multi-tiered c...

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Framing manufacturer nails down launch

Aug 08, 2006

For the launch of its UltraSteel construction framing product, manufacturer Clark Western was preparing for an industry trade show and wanted something more attention-grabbing than literature t...

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A Starbucks “Gotcha!”

Jul 18, 2006

When Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee wanted to increase awareness of the Starbucks Holiday Red Cup, it took its campaign to the streets. “We designed replicas of the vente coffee cups,&rdquo...

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We Are la Familia

Jul 11, 2006

A hugely successful campaign done for an auto insurance company was targeted at the Hispanic population in Southern California. Guerilla marketing techniques were used in a three-month marketin...

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Live the Life Campaign a Winner for Virginia Beach

Jun 20, 2006

In the two years since its launch, Virginia Beach's Live the Life campaign has won 67 national marketing and travel-and-tourism awards. And there are other numbers indicating how effective it is...

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Curious George Promos Squash the Sniffles

Jun 13, 2006

When The Quigley Corporation — the makers of Cold-Eeze products like KidzEeze sore throat pops and bubble gum — wanted to target the parents of young children for a recent marketing...

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Traffic-builder Springs to Action for Spa Dealer

May 16, 2006

Hot-tub dealer Paradise Spas was looking for a way to build traffic for their booth at an upcoming home show. They wanted to use an affordable gift, but had several stipulations for it: Ideally...

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Drugstore Revives Slumping Photo Sales in a Flash

May 09, 2006

The decline in film use and increasing popularity of online digital photo-processing meant plummeting sales for the photo department of Walgreens. The large drugstore chain needed a way to draw...

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Promotional Products Show Big Growth

Apr 18, 2006

April 10, 2006 - Trevose, PA - The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) released results of its annual promotional products industry sales analysis, indicating revenues jumped 5.1 percent...

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Museum Gets Huge Membership Boost!

Apr 11, 2006

The Cleveland Museum of natural history is a world-class destination for visitors and researchers. For nearly a century it has served as an outstanding resource for public education and environ...

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Top U.S. Cities Play the Branding Game

Mar 21, 2006

No matter what business you're in, it's a good idea to think about branding. Whether you operate a medical practice, a construction company, or a food distributor, you should be thinking about ...

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Scratch-off promotion pays off BIG!

Mar 14, 2006

With so many important issues to address and so much need in the world, non-profit organizations are faced with a daunting proposition: How do they generate public awareness for their cause; an...

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Church Lures Attendees With Promo Products

Feb 14, 2006

Life Pointe Christian Church, in Charlotte, NC, was nearing completion of its new church and needed to make its presence known because this wasn't just a new building, it was the opening of a n...

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Tattoos Build Awareness

Dec 20, 2005

What do the phrases “Run Your Own Race” and “Don't Cry Til’ You Get to the Car” have in common? They're both albums by Mulberry Lane, a Nebraska-born pop group mad...

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Scaring Up DVD Sales With A BBQ Promo

Nov 15, 2005

Every week dozens of movie titles are released for the home-viewing market on DVD. So, a non-blockbuster new release has to get creative in its marketing efforts to stand out from the crowd. W...

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NBA Dress Code Update is NOT an Isolated Decision

Nov 08, 2005

The National Basketball Association, which recently adopted a more formal dress code, and got a lot of press coverage in the process, is not the only organization requiring more professional dr...

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Bobbleheads Create Membership Buzz

Oct 11, 2005

Can bobbleheads attract new members to an organization? That's what The Association Forum of Chicagoland (AFC), an association of over 1,500 businesses, charities, civic and professional organi...

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Blood Donors Respond

Sep 20, 2005

This summer, the Pennsylvania/New Jersey regional branch of the American Red Cross invited people to get their kicks on Route 56. Huh? That's the name of the summer blood drive campaign just c...

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Pinpoint or shotgun?

Sep 15, 2005

In a recent case study, a business owner sent personalized pizza cutters in custom-made boxes to a dozen key decision-makers that he wanted to get appointments with. The boxes, which contained ...

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Case Study: Raise Your Glass

Jun 22, 2019

The NY Yankees wanted to create special commemorative bottles to celebrate Derek Jeter’s accomplishments at Yankee Stadium. They chose 150 magnum-sized (1.5L) bottles with a special logo and ...

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Case Study: Pillow Box

Jun 08, 2019

Objective A children's hospital wanted to send a thank you gift package to donors. They wanted patients to be able to add a personalized touch to the gift to connect donors better to the cause. P...

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