Do Tradeshow Promotional Gifts Work?

  • Aug 9, 2005

You're about to invest a big chunk of your marketing budget on a big tradeshow exhibition. Should you spend even more money on promotional items? Georgia Southern University conducted a study at four tradeshows, polling attendees for their reaction to promotional products. Seventy-two percent of people who received a gift remembered the name of the company that gave it to them (even after a long day on the tradeshow floor). Seventy-six percent said the company made a favorable impression.

Time is short at tradeshows, so give attendees a compelling reason to seek out your booth. Promotional products announce your presence, carry your message, and spur follow-up action.

Try the classic half-and-half tactic: Do a pre-show mailing and send only half a promotional piece to prospects. If they want the other half, they must pick it up at your booth. A manufacturer of combines mailed a pewter belt buckle bearing a tractor image to a targeted list of 150 for a national farming show. A letter announced that visitors to the booth would get a leather belt. The company had a phenomenal sixty-five percent response rate, resulting in thousands of dollars in additional sales.

Coin wallet

You can also tease attendees right at the show. A marketing company left 2,000 coin-holders labeled “Isn't it time for change?” at various locations around the tradeshow floor. Those who brought a coin-holder to the booth received a nice wallet. The firm collected 454 leads — a six fold increase over the year before.

Whatever the item selected for pre-show promotion, it must be a clear tie-in with your company. Choose a useful gift that reflects the image you want to portray.We can help. Call us for a bonanza of great ideas.

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