Don't Spoil Your Promotional Success

  • Jun 21, 2011

Back in May, we teased you with a story about a promotion that combined a unique promotional product with a clever viral marketing technique to achieve a huge increase in trade show booth traffic. We've seen this method bring triple the number of visitors to a booth. But now it's time for the rest of the story.

Too often, we see companies offer some kind of attractive prize to one lucky winner. There are proven ways to increase traffic and contest entries. Then comes the end of the day when 1000 people gather to see if they will win. Somebody is about to be very, very happy. The crowd applauds the winner, and in a flash, it's over. What next?

Winners and losers in a contest can backfire on a marketer 

999 losers, that's what! Not really a positive impression for the company brand. All the great energy that built up in anticipation of the drawing can be gone just like letting the air out of a balloon. A tremendous success could turn into an epic failure in that moment. We seen that scenario repeated too many times to count. But it's so easy to fix. What has been created is a great marketing opportunity. Everyone can be a winner. While you have their attention, surprise them with something that will enhance the connection you've already made. What would you like to have happen next? A visit to a retail store? A signup on your website? A pen, letter opener, or even a simple coupon can lead them to take the next step in your relationship.

Remember, even when there's one big winner, everyone else should be a winner in some way. That way, the booth exhibitor will be the biggest winner!

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