Fashion Fit For Food

  • Jul 10, 2023

Wearing our favorite food brands has never been easier. Brands are getting more creative, designing products to mimic or represent our favorite snacks. Find out how these buzzworthy products integrate seamlessly into recipients’ daily lives.

1. TWIX Doughboard

To celebrate new TWIX cookie dough, Mars candy bar brand TWIX partnered with Olympian snowboarder Maddie Mastro to help snow and winter sports fans create a limited-edition split board. A split board, much like the TWIX candy, splits in two halves – and it’s currently the hottest winter sports trend.

Unveiled earlier this year, the “TWIX Doughboard” will be handcrafted by snowboarders in Colorado. On one half of the board, Mastro designed a retro take on the classic TWIX logo. For the other half of the board, fans had a limited chance to submit their designs to be selected. The winner will also be invited to meet Mastro. TWIX also announced plans to give away over 100 custom co-designed TWIX Doughboards on their website and at ski shops across the country.

TWIX Doughboard

2. Panera Bread’s BAGuette Purse

Perfect for the fashionista and the foodie, fast casual café chain Panera Bread launched a new accessory just in time for New York Fashion Week. Combining style and functionality, the BAGuette bag is designed to carry one of Panera’s new toasted baguettes.

The bag made its appearance in February, stirring up social media chatter and selling out quickly. The 12-inch purse is in the iconic Panera green, devoted to those looking for a pop of color. The stylish accessory features an embossed pattern and a magnetic closure with a custom metal “P” buckle.

Panera BAGuette

3. White Castle Art Jigsaw Puzzle

Using art to imitate life, fast food company White Castle partnered with New York artist Dave Pollot to turn artwork celebrating its burgers and fries into a 285-piece jigsaw puzzle. For fans of fine art and puzzles, this collaboration also gives back, donating net proceeds to White Castle’s Team Member Relief Fund, an emergency support program designed to help team members in unexpected financial hardships.

Pollot is known for bringing new life to old art, mixing classic and pop art. This unexpected still life oil painting is one of several in Pollot’s “Calorie Composition” series, which juxtaposes contemporary brands among classic images.

Wine picnic tablet

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