Framing manufacturer nails down launch

  • Aug 8, 2006

For the launch of its UltraSteel construction framing product, manufacturer Clark Western was preparing for an industry trade show and wanted something more attention-grabbing than literature to highlight the benefits of the new material.

“Clients’ eyes glaze over when you are presenting your product from an 8 1/2 " x 11" sell sheet,” explains president Trent Berry. “But when you have strategic, attention-grabbing promotional items that present your key points with the sell sheet, you can never lose.”

The products that Clark Western chose included compressed T-shirts, fashioned in the shape of a cross-section of a steel stud, along with nail puzzles. Their reps presented about 300 of the items during presentations at the trade show and used twice that many on sales calls to target accounts.

Ultrasteel promotions

Berry says the products worked like a charm: “The promotional items brought immediate attention to the new UltraSteel product, because they are tangibles the recipient could see, touch and feel. They showed the recipients immediately the two biggest selling features: a new knurling pattern that strengthens the steel (the pattern was on the T-shirt wrap) and that the product is tougher than nails.”

Judging by sales of the new framing material, the products got the message across. “It was the most successful product launch in company history,” Berry says.

Biz Tip: A promotional product is worth a thousand words

Take these steps to tie in a promotional product to your product or service:

  1. Make a list of words describing the product or service.
  2. Think of objects that illustrate those qualities (such as nails to represent durability).
  3. Narrow the list down to two or three strong examples.
  4. Use them as keywords to search at for tie-in products.

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