Great Tool for Awareness Campaigns

  • Sep 7, 2016

Breast cancer awareness gets a lot of attention. And rightfully so. There are a lot of people working very hard to ensure that Breast Cancer is a “Top Of Mind” issue. However, there are a ton of other causes that don’t seem to get their fair share of the limelight: Autism, Downs Syndrome, Anti-Bullying to name a few. Lots of promotional items can grab attention, but not all of them easily lead to getting someone to take action.

raising-awareness-weepulThese cute little guys, Weepuls, can take that extra step. As a donation keepsake or event reminder, Awareness Weepuls are relevant, engaging — effective. A Weepul delivers a message in a positive, interesting & memorable way. The large imprint area, 3 3/4″ x 3/4″, can deliver a lot of information – up close and personal.

Weepuls make it easy to promote all kinds of causes. How? Because we can put ANY color Awareness Ribbon in a Weepul’s hand. Remember, every cause has its color. Match up the color of your little guy with the color of the cause and you just might have a winner. And where appropriate, we have ribbon options that can further facilitate how a Weepul is used. The orange Glitter Weepul below explains.



That’s right, make it into a contest that has people coming back. So much better than a raffle ticket. You don’t want people just walking away with your gift — you want them coming back to see you again. That’s when something good happens. Choose a cause that you care about, or that your customers care about. Not sure what it might be? There are causes every month of the year. Ask us for ideas. We’ve written on ways to incorporate them into your own marketing goals in this article. In fact, it’s been a popular topic for our monthly newsletter for many years. Check out the feature articles.

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