Hail to the Payroll Goddess

  • Jul 10, 2013

Payroll managers can be the Rodney Dangerfields of a business. No respect. When everyone's check is perfect, who bothers to thank them? But they're surely going to hear about it when there's an error! Just like accountants have to fight the stereotyped image of the green eyeshade, payroll managers get the feeling they're misunderstood.

Symmetry Software specializes in payroll programs. They captured a lot of attention at the annual convention and trade show of the American Payroll Association by distributing flashing buttons reading “Payroll Goddess.” Attendees snatched them up, as they felt the time for a little recognition and thanks was long overdue. Jon Bohnert, executive vice president of Symmetry, says “payroll managers frequently stop by to say they love our products and how easy they are to use. The ‘Payroll Goddess’ promotions recognize their efforts and elevate their payroll status,” says Bohnert.

Prior to the Payroll Goddess campaign, the company distributed items that Bohnert refers to as “yawners.” After the convention where they first gave out the badges, Symmetry started getting calls from newly minted Payroll Goddesses requesting badges for their entire payroll departments. What was intended as a novelty for a trade show turned into a badge of honor that many wanted to wear daily. According to Bohnert, “It’s all about name recognition and a whimsical approach to what is, frankly, a dull industry sector.”

Payroll managers select from imprinted promotional items that point to their importance in an organization. 

The seemingly sexist term was based on the reality that payroll managers are mostly women. But requests from men in those positions led to the expansion into the Payroll Titan category. Yes, this has grown from the original badge to include much more. The branded merchandise selection has grown to include a wide variety of accessories, such as phone cases, T-shirts, jewelry and even doggie tees, to name a few. The site also features items with other payroll manager humor, including “Married with Dependents,” “Show Me the Money” and “I Used to Be Exempt.”

Payroll managers are frequently the ones in charge of employee recognition, with an interest in reducing turnover and absenteeism, along with improving safety. They often work with sales managers to develop motivation programs. Promotional products often play a role in achieving such goals. We think it's high time they get some recognition themselves.

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