Help for Holiday gift giving

  • Sep 13, 2005

Choosing that perfect holiday gift for an employee or client is a difficult task.  Here are several points to remember when going through your holiday list.

Build a relationship!

The holidays present a perfect time of year to strengthen relationships.  Reflect back on the year and remember that each employee or client is a person who helps you do your job. It is important to have a healthy relationship between yourself or your company and each of these people. Show them how much they mean to you. 

Why is it important to give meaningful gifts to employees?

The simple answer is to show your employees how much you appreciate them.  Studies show that the cost of retaining existing employees is much less than hiring new ones.  Studies also show that employees that feel valued are more productive. Throughout the year, and especially during the holidays, remember that your employees are your most precious assets.  Show your employees how much you appreciate them.  When you show your appreciation, your employees will regard themselves and their job more positively.

Candles and awards

Why should you remember your clients during the holidays?

The same rule is true for clients as for employees -- the cost of acquiring new customers is greater than the cost of retaining existing ones.  Without your clients where would you be? Show them that you remember them and truly appreciate their business during the holiday season.

When should you buy for employees or clients?

Gifts of recognition and achievement can be given at any time of the year, at any specific milestone. But the holidays are a great time to show that you care. Start early! Give yourself at least eight weeks because production and shipping times lengthen during holidays. When you give a gift around the holidays, you want it to be memorable.  Create a lasting relationship with your employee or client.  A holiday gift will thank them for their service throughout the year.

Observe gift etiquette.

The number one rule in gift giving, especially around the holidays, is not to offend! Unless you know the specific tastes and religious affiliations of all of your employees and clients, take a cautious approach. To avoid offensiveness, choose a gift that symbolizes appreciation.

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