How to Tie Social Media to Promo

  • Dec 10, 2019

These days, any company looking to gain attention through marketing is bound to include social media in its plans. The smart ones don’t stop there. They make sure to combine different channels. Here are some examples of how some big companies have offered their audiences something they really wanted.


Denny’s recently introduced a holiday promotion, inviting customers to post a photo of their boring socks for a chance to win a pair of Denny’s colorful socks decorated with their famous logo and images of their equally-famous pancakes. Of course, not everyone would win, but just the chance to be one of the lucky ones was all the incentive most people needed. The engagement made it fun, and people don’t mind becoming an agent of that memorable physical advertising.


Yes, the English auction house (well, New York City too), known for very expensive stuff, along with a rather stuffy reputation. In a campaign to attract a younger, less stuffy audience, Christie’s turned to branded merchandise from the iconic brand Supreme. Supreme is a streetwear brand that’s been around over 20 years, starting with skateboard decks and targeting the “cool”. Here are just a few of the dozens of items up for auction. Notice that the expected dollar amounts have commas in them. That’s proof positive of the value of branded promotional products.

Supreme branded products up for auction

Denny's branded socks

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