I Am The Calendar

  • Oct 18, 2005

I have two missions: one of utility, one of sentiment.
I am the symbol of time, combining the past, present and future.
As the clock records the seconds, minutes and hours,
I record the days, weeks and years.
All the world looks at me and regulates its business and social life by me.
No letter is ever written, no check ever signed, no book ever published,
no money ever coined that does not bear my imprint.
I am the thing the world must always consult.
I ask for and get space in the home, office and public place.
In return I am both useful and decorative.
I work constantly for those I represent. I tell WHO they are, WHERE they are WHAT they have.
I am an everpresent salesman serving people well and reminding them each day of the year that their business is appreciated.
And most of all ­ I am an Ambassador of Goodwill entrusted with a special mission; to remind all my users of the value placed upon their friendship, the finest asset any business has.

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