LiveWell Colorado Campaign Keeps Colorado Fit

  • May 11, 2010

Colorado residents rank as the nation's leanest, and they're not resting on their laurels. “The fact that nearly 19% of adults in our state are obese is cause for concern,” says Maren Stewart, president and CEO of LiveWell Colorado, a non-profit committed to reducing obesity by inspiring healthy eating and active living.

The organization kicked off a campaign last fall with flash mobs in three cities doing aerobics in 1980's-inspired workout gear. Check out the video below to get the true flavor and energy of the events.

Stickers and chalk deliver the message for Colorado residents 

Since then, billboards and TV commercials have urged residents to eat right and be more active. Naturally, the campaign also includes promotional products. LiveWell distributed stencils of its logo along with spray chalk to groups in 25 communities acrosss the state, where local organizers are using them as they draw hopscotch courts and start/finish lines for footraces. The local groups also got stickers to place on elevator buttons. The stickers read, “Take the stairs.”

“The elevator buttons are just a perfect example of an easy, small, free way of incorporating a little bit of physical activity in your life by taking the stairs up a flight or two as opposed to the elevator,” Stewart says. “Hopscotch is a game everyone remembers how to play, and it's something fun and whimsical that will hopefully grab people's attention.”

The idea behind the campaign is not to try to talk people into onerous workouts but to incorporate little activities that are easy to sustain. “I'm hoping that it will catch people off-guard, because they are unexpected tactics,” Stewart says.

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