Medical Practice Promotion a Winner

  • Aug 9, 2021

Medical Practice Promotion a Winner

Central Family Medical wanted to accomplish two things: Simultaneously educate their community about common home ailments and how to treat them, and at the same time promote their medical group. This group had recently formed and wanted to use promotional gifts to build brand recognition. But before selecting items for the campaign, they established a strategy with specific achievable goals.

First, this group hosted a table at a community gathering and chose the theme “Be Healthy at Home”. At the event they offered free check-ups for children under 10 with an appointment. When the appointment was made a promotional product was given out with the medical groups branding on it. Recognizing the long-term value of repeat visits from loyal patient families, the practice decided to avoid cheap items, instead choosing products with high perceived value. After doing some research, the group created a specialty miniature doctor’s bag filled with various health and safety merchandise. These useful promotional items included a thermometer, bandages, antibacterial ointment, lip balm, sunscreen, a medical dropper, and a reflex hammer. The bag was designed in the style of a classic black leather doctor’s bag, but was about an eighth of the standard size.

The doctor’s bag was embossed with the group’s logo and tagline on each side. Inside the bag, each item was printed with the name of the group, their phone number, and website. The entire package created a unique item that was sure to stand apart from any other promotional merchandise, and the high number of custom products inside the bag made the product very utile. The black leather and simple imprint created a professional appearance, and the many logoed products inside led to frequent and high-quality advertisement for the group.

Through the community event, the doctors group filled two months of appointments for the free child’s check-up. The group ordered 100 bags and all of them were distributed at the event. Throughout the next year, 62% of families who partook in the child’s check-up scheduled an appointment for another family member. The doctors group opened with an impressive number of patients and continued to maintain a high number of appointments. They credit the promotional gifts at the community event as an important factor in their impressive start.

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