Meme-worthy Merch

  • Dec 3, 2023

Drawing inspiration from viral videos, memes and other pop culture moments, these promo items help end users make memories.

1. Oscar Mayer Makes Hot Dog Straws For Real

You might remember last year’s viral video of the baseball fan who used a hot dog as a straw for his beer. (Maybe you wish you could forget.) A year later, Oscar Mayer launched a limited-edition silicone version of the hot dog straw, available free to frankfurter fans through a special page on the company’s website.

“Taking inspiration from a classic Oscar Mayer dog, the silicone Hot Dog Straw is designed for optimal sipping, and we hope it brings a friendly reminder that we don’t need to take enjoying a delicious hot dog seriously,” Kelsey Rice, Oscar Mayer’s associate director, said in a statement. “Some things are just meant to be fun.” Supply of the tubular treats ran out within days, but a few of them are sure to join the listings for Weinermobile memorabilia on eBay.

Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Straw

2. Houndstooth Coats Promote Doggy Dental Health

Pet wellness brand Greenies teamed up with fashion designer Christian Siriano to raise awareness of dental disease in dogs with the Houndstoothless collection giveaway. Social posts from Siriano directed fans to a special landing site where they could enter for a chance to win matching “pet and parent” trench coats in bold green and white houndstooth, but with strategically blacked out “teeth” in the pattern. Veterinarians who pay attention to dental health would love this project.

Houndstooth coat

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