New Study Shows Role of Promo Products

  • Jan 9, 2007

A new study, just released by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), empirically proves that promotional products are an effective ad medium and key to integrated marketing campaigns.

A study of 18-34 year olds, the most sought-after demographic group in terms of advertising dollars, was conducted exclusively for PPAI by researchers at Louisiana State University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. The study, which was performed in a controlled environment, measured:

  1. the effectiveness of promotional products, and compared them to two other media — television and print
  2. the synergistic effects of promotional products when used along with these other media
  3. consumers’ preferred medium for gathering information about a product or brand

Participants in the study were exposed to advertising for pizza via three mediums: television commercial, print ad and promotional product. A key finding of the study was that adding a promotional product to the media mix generated favorable attitudes toward the ad in all cases (up to 44%). And in some instances, the use of a promotional product as the advertising medium alone achieved maximum impact, up to 69% increasing brand interest and 84 % in creating a good impression of the brand.

Based on the results of the study, researchers found that while the print ad came in first overall, respondents preferred promotional products as an advertising medium rather than television ads.

  • Respondents had a more positive attitude toward the ad when exposed to advertising via a promotional product rather than the television commercial (41% to 18%).
  • They had a more positive attitude toward the product as a result of the promotional product rather than the television ad (20% to 16%).
  • Message credibility was higher with the promotional product than with the television ad (54% to 33%).
  • Intent to purchase was higher with the promotional product than with the television ad (25% to 17%).
  • And the referral value was higher with the promotional product than with the television ad (26% to 16%).

Promotional product collage

The study conclusively demonstrates that promotional products:

  • May be effectively employed as a stand-alone advertising medium.
  • When added to the media mix, will effectively supplement other advertising media.
  • Are a source of useful information.
  • Can enhance impressions of both brand and product.
  • Can contribute to the consumer intent to buy.

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