Nike Incentive Program Boosts Attendance

  • Nov 20, 2007

Nike employs factory workers around the world. Without enough workers on the line, production must shut down, which can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars per occurrence. Every manufacturing company faces such problems. Nike decided to do something about it, and developed a one-year program.

At the beginning of each quarter, coffee mugs (a different color and inscription each quarter) were presented to workers with perfect attendance. Different mugs each quarter gave workers a renewed sense of competition to earn the mug unique to the current quarter.

In addition, the company created the “Just Do It”; awards to recognize individuals who demonstrated positive acts in the workplace, going above and beyond the basic job description. The award was a logoed and screened t-shirt, compressed into the shape of a running shoe as well as a bright yellow lunch cooler. The items, including the coffee mugs, were all presented by management on the factory floor in front of the workforce, increasing the competitive aspect of the program.

Results: The company experienced no line shutdowns for the entire length of the campaign, the first such occurrence in three years.

Nike awards

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