Organic Tee is Natural Fit for Eco-friendly Hotel

  • Jul 17, 2007

The ancient Greek goddess Gaia is a personification of the earth, and Napa Valley's Gaia Hotel and Spa is named after her for a good reason. Billed as “the first fully environmentally sustainable hotel,” the hotel was constructed using recycled materials and wood harvested with the long-term health of forests in mind. It operates using solar power, water-saving techniques and energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

For the grand opening gala on March 30th, APTCO supplier Anvil Knitwear donated T-shirts from their new 100% organic line. “Anvil launched its groundbreaking organic line just two weeks before our opening” said Sunshine Gallagher, event coordinator for the celebration. “Getting the two together was kismet.” The line is made from cotton grown without toxic or persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and the fabric is colored using organic dyes. Anvil has also committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, like recycling cardboard, using scrap materials to generate steam power and cleaning waste water beyond the standards set in government regulations.

The shirts donated for the Gaia grand opening featured the hotel logo on the left chest and the Anvil Organic logo on one sleeve. Most important, they were well received by guests, which included community members, local businesspeople and government officials.

“The shirts were a huge hit, and everyone was amazed at how soft they were,” says PR rep Lindsey Gardner. “A few people were asking the event coordinator where they could purchase Anvil shirts.”

Organic T-shirt

Result: The feedback from retailers was extremely positive. The StayFit Pedometer Set not only encouraged managers to get into shape, but the tips and fact sheets also helped them to understand how vitamins can aid in wellness programs. Because of this, they could better assist their consumers with purchasing decisions. Store managers were so pleased with the sets, that they ended up expanding the program and reordered enough sets for each retail employee.

This is just one example of how promotional items can be part of a comprehensive marketing program. Here are some other ideas you can use:

  • Use as a gift for race attendees. Give it to each participant at the registration table. Work with a sports drink retailer so participants can stop before and after the race to fill up their polycarb bottle.
  • Use as a motivational tool for a company fitness program. Have employees track their steps for a certain time period. Give away prizes to employees who log the most steps.
  • Use as an incentive for a school program summer fundraiser. Any student that raises over a certain amount of money will receive a free set.
  • Give the set away as a free gift with a large purchase at a fitness-related store.

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