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  • Dec 14, 2010

Face it, a turn of the calendar page (as if all the Black Friday hubbub wasn't enough) tells us that time is getting short for holiday gifts. We've been busy helping a variety of businesses to make up for lost time with quick production of customized gifts to please their customers and employees. This newsletter normally focuses on case studies of promotional campaigns that are designed to give you ideas. But right now, there's a good chance the holidays are on your mind, and you might just need to tend to that before time slips away. Here's a look at some of the most popular items this year.

Food gifts continue to be the most popular category, for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Universal – everyone enjoys high quality gourmet food.
  • Easy – No need to worry about the gender or size of the recipients.
  • Food can be shared with fellow workers.
  • It is easy to meet various price points with food gifts.
  • Your brand on the food makes a positive association.

Custom gift baskets take your brand home 

Holiday greeting cards, in this day of decreasing mail volume, have not gone out of style. In fact, they tend to stand out even more than before. The variety continues to increase. We have over 1,000 styles on line, and just this week another 36 card styles were added. You can browse the greeting card catalog here.

High tech gifts are really all the rage now. Imprinted USB Flash Drives serve a dual function - the giver's message inside and out, and the receiver's future use for personal files, frequently photos, music, and other media. Along with the popular plastic varieties, the most popular styles are the upscale leather and wood drives, including bamboo. Digital frames, mp3 players and similar items are a big hit this year, as prices are dramatically lower than last year.

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December is:

  • World Aids Month
  • National Write a Business Plan Month
  • Rising Star Month
  • Safe Toys and Gifts Month
  • Spiritual Literacy Month
  • Universal Human Rights Month
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