Reverse Logos? Selfies Reign

  • Mar 12, 2019

A trend started to emerge recently. Some pretty big corporate giants—like Hugo Boss—started noticing that its young consumers were choosing their branded apparel based on how the logo and design looked in their selfies. Sounds CRAZY? Yes. But Hugo Boss took advantage of the situation and created a special collection of its logo reversed to address this market.

Have you ever looked in the rear view mirror and seen an ambulance behind you? Ever stop to think why you could read the word? Because they printed a mirror image! So many selfies are taken while looking in a mirror that it suddenly makes sense to create a reverse version of your logo. This technique will definitely get more attention, and that leads to more impressions and lots of selfies that promote your brand.

selfie logo

Hugo Boss is smartly featuring everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts, fanny packs (yes fanny packs are making a return), hats and leggings. Most of the logos are in black and white, but some are in color too.

The average millenial will take about 25,000 selfies over his or her lifetime. That’s about 93 million selfies a day world wide. Companies like Adidas and Puma jumped on this craze because they knew that selfies would advertise their brand for free… all over the world. Most sportwear makers have very distinct logos… and by wearing them, consumers stand out in the crowd while posting selfies. Millions of additional impressions are garnered by selfies. Look at it this way— when your logo is showing up on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social networks you’ve never heard of, you’re doing your job.

Still skeptical? The Adidas hastag on lnstagram has 43 million posts. Nearly all of those posts specifically highlight an apparel item. And this does NOT account for the millions of variations on the hashtags. Is this enough for you to consider how powerful selfies are? We believe that brands all over the world are discovering that social media Is really made to showcase logos.

The digital infrastructure is already in place which can dramatically amplify your brand and the people using It. This will only grow as millenials and younger folks continue to take over the market from baby boomers.

You'd better start taking selfies seriously and incorporating them into your plans. Your competitors are. Now if that wasn't enough, Coca-Cola introduced a selfie camera for their 16oz. bottles. If Coke joined the fray, you know there's money in selfies. Stay tuned… we'll report more on this in the future.

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