Standing Out During the Holidays Pays Off

  • Nov 21, 2006

The Jack O'Lanterns are gone and the smell of turkey and freshly baked apple pie will be here in a couple of days. Brightly wrapped gifts under a tree sparkling with twinkling lights and tinsel will follow before you know it. The holidays always conjure up such wonderful, cozy images, yet for businesses, it can be a trying time. Holiday gift giving can be a bittersweet experience for some companies. They want to do something to say thank you to their best customers, prospects and suppliers, or to reward their employees, but they also resent feeling they are obligated to do it. Companies are also challenged with distinguishing themselves from many others who are giving out gifts or sending cards.

If you can give them an item that will help them stand out from the crowd, and at the same time bring a smile to the face of the person receiving it, you are ahead of the game. One thing that often fills that need is holiday music. A familiar holiday song immediately puts someone in the holiday spirit, and when you add high-quality artwork and packaging, you have a gift that will be appreciated and remembered. Of course, that would include your name and logo for constant reminders throughout the season and beyond.

Although traditional jewel cases make a lasting impression, a greeting card format is particularly popular during the holiday season. It is easy to give out or mail, and it has the look of a high-end greeting card. When recipients open it, they are pleasantly surprised to find a holiday music CD inside.

Another very popular choice is a customized holiday ornament. Options available include pewter, brass, silver plated steel, cut glass, stained glass, and hand-painted resin. Ornaments are small and can be easily and economically mailed, but can make a big and lasting impression.

65% of all businesses turn to food gifts for their holiday giving. While food gifts are welcome at anytime, our suppliers report that 90% of their annual business comes after Thanksgiving! That really shows how popular they are. From sweets to baskets to holiday hams, there's something for every taste. Having something that everyone in the office can share is a real bonus.

Holiday CD's are just one great choice for gift giving

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