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  • Feb 11, 2020

Every year, Promotional Products Association International recognizes the most creative promotional marketing campaigns with Pyramid Awards. It’s always fun to look at some examples to see the results they achieve.

UMOM New Day Center in Phoenix is a non-profit organization working to eliminate homelessness. For several years, they put on a fundraising walk, which was very successful to start, but gradually diminished in support after 9 years. They needed a shot in the arm. Events like this are dependent on participants and sponsors. Organizers decided on a campaign to set a record — the most people running a 1K in flip flops! “Walk the Walk to End Homelessness” became the theme, and the old tennis shoe logo was changed to a pair of flip flops.

Marketing for the event was multi-faceted: radio, printed flyers, and social media. A real buzz was created. The walk was scheduled for the Phoenix Zoo. Participants received free admission, a commemorative T-shirt, and a pair of flip flops. Talk about results:

  • Participant fees increased from $10,760 to $31,765 — a 66% increase
  • Sponsorships increased from $13,350 to $63,100 — a 78% increase

UMOM New Day Center

The Summit of Intersections was a collaborative nonprofit event hosted by Heartly House, Mental Health Association, United Way, Frederick County Health Department and Wells House with a significant focus on adverse childhood experiences, and the cause and effects of the disorder. It included 240 mental health, sexual abuse and substance use disorder professionals attending an eight-hour education summit, offering 6.5 CEUs to each attendee. They set an objective to increase registrations and revenue, provide recognition for the sponsoring organizations and increase awareness for the event and topic.

The logo and branding was designed to depict how each of the issues of mental heath, substance use disorder and sexual assault intertwine with adverse childhood experiences. The summit logo, used on promotional products, collateral material, signage, social media and registration outreach, incorporated adverse childhood experiences into the triangle showing the intersection and how it relates to each element of the three organizations. The bags, lanyards, signage and programs were distributed at onsite registration. The three sponsoring organizations provided promotional items. The summit was highlighted through social media four months prior and online registration was promoted two months prior to the event. Email marketing with a “save the date” message was sent to various organizations five months prior. As a result, the event sold out before the close of registration. Talk about results:

  • Total revenue increased from $10,100 to $15,800 — a 55% increase
  • The number of attendees increased from 145 to 240 — a 65% increase

Summit of Intersections

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