Tattoos Build Awareness

  • Dec 20, 2005

What do the phrases “Run Your Own Race” and “Don't Cry Til’ You Get to the Car” have in common? They're both albums by Mulberry Lane, a Nebraska-born pop group made up of four sisters. But unless you're one of the 500,000 people who bought one, you likely wouldn't know that.

Mulberry Lane realizes the importance of keeping its name fresh in people's minds as one element in helping CD sales and growing its overall fan base. Part of this is, as the majority of groups know, selling logoed items such as T-shirts, posters and pins at its concerts.

But when it came time to release A Very Mulberry Christmas, its first holiday album, as well as launch its Midwest tour, the group wanted to go beyond the fundamentals. “We wanted a branded piece that would visually represent our music,” says Bo Rizutto, one of the group's members. “We decided on temporary tattoos. Kids love them, and parents approve because they're temporary. And kids always take handfuls to give to their friends. They walk around with the tattoos for a few days, and it keeps our name out in public.”

As many of Mulberry Lane's songs deal with young love and many fans are also young, the tattoos themselves were a very basic design: the words “I Love Mulberry Lane” with the copy in black and the heart in red. An initial order of 500 was given away at the merchandise table at the tour's first concert. The group ended up reordering them for the next show, and, says Rizutto, has been doing so “constantly” ever since.

Fueled by the popularity of the tattoos at shows, the group now includes them in all of its press kits as well. To date, thousands have been distributed, and they work. “The whole campaign has been wonderful,” says Rizutto. “It's great to go into a radio station or record store and see people wearing Mulberry Lane tattoos. We think they really add an extra element of fun.”

Mulberry Lane temporary tatoos

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