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  • Jul 11, 2006

A hugely successful campaign done for an auto insurance company was targeted at the Hispanic population in Southern California. Guerilla marketing techniques were used in a three-month marketing program to both sell auto insurance and to garner contact information and referrals for the product.

Noting that the Hispanic community in general is very family-oriented, they targeted places where Hispanic families gathered and chose product giveaways that targeted the family and automobiles. Television ads, they decided, are too expensive. Besides, with 256 channels available, the medium has become too segmented. You're never really sure the people you want to hear your message will hear it. However, research showed that many Hispanics in Southern California gather at swap meets and flea markets on the weekends.

The insurance company rented space at the swap meets and flea markets. Each Saturday and Sunday, licensed agents manned the booth for the attendees who might want to apply for insurance. Bilingual staff members collected names and contact information. Attendees were enticed to the booth with automobile-related giveaways of key chains, flashlights, travel mugs and sunglass clips. If they referred a family member, neighbor or friend, they received a special “Accident Reporting Kit,” which contained everything you need in case of an accident: A small zip pouch bag with a single-use camera, a notepad, pen and questionnaire to ensure the driver gets all the necessary information.

Promotional products used in Hispanic campaign

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