What? Trees can do THAT? Much more than paper.

  • Dec 7, 2016

Trees are the source for paper but so much more than that.
The much-maligned tree has been subject to a lot of abuse in recent years. All those email footnotes that plead to you to not print the email, the cry of “save a tree!” Meanwhile, the endless flood of electrons shows no signs of stopping. But the efforts to save paper can be misguided. Paper is one of the earth’s most renewable resources. The paper industry realizes that trees are not an endless resource, but rather one that can be replenished. And they’re not about to harvest their primary raw ingredient without planting new trees to replace them. That certainly would be a faulty business plan.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. But they can do so much more. Science is digging deeper and deeper into trees to find some amazing things.

Well now, did that stretch your thinking a bit? Go ahead, print that brochure and mail it next time. You can be sure it won’t be lost in the email clutter. And you might just be doing something good for the planet at the same time.

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