What's up with cotton?

  • Jun 6, 2010

Two things are up with cotton - sales and prices! Organic cotton emerged as a leader within the cotton segment when a green image is important. Sales of organic cotton increased 35% last year, in keeping with a decade-long trend.  Retail giants like Walmart and Nike are leading the charge, but corporate apparel makers such as Anvil Knitwear are high on the growth list as well. "As corporations lay out sustainability philosophies, they realize they need to market and put their messages on environmentally friendly product," says Anthony Corsano, Anvil president.

We may see some changes based on recent developments in cotton prices. Since 2006 there have been gradual increases, but 2010 has been a different story.

  • Cotton prices are up 55% from last year.
  • Fuel, transportation, and labor costs continue to rise.
  • Demand for cotton has increased globally.

Cotton prices have increased 55% in the past year

These factors have increased costs for everyone in the apparel industry:

  • Mills have increased their prices to apparel distributors.
  • Mills are offering fewer special discounts on styles.

A little extra planning can help. If environmental impact is important in your clothing selection, consider bamboo. Fabrics made from bamboo are incredibly soft, breathable, and comfortable. For special occasions such as trade shows, check with us about closeout specials. Though supplies are limited, there are some great deals available when a mill decides to close out a style. These cover the full range of fabrics, cotton included. If environmental issues don't impact your corporate apparel program, there are many polyester blends that are budget-friendly, as well as being top performance fabrics.

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