Did You Know?

November 2006
APTCO provides W-2's, 1099's, and other government-approved Tax Forms to hundreds of companies across the country.
December 2006
APTCO designs and prints more medical encounter forms than any other item we sell. Encounter forms are also known as fee slips, charge tickets, routing slips, and superbills. Keeping current with the latest insurance billing codes is a never-ending process.
January 2007
APTCO provides apparel of all varieties, to clients as diverse as performing groups, roofing contractors, medical offices, banks, sports teams, food service, and retail. Screen printing and embroidery is a usual part of the package in our uniform programs.
February 2007
APTCO provides office supplies through our online ordering system. Prices are comparable to the big box stores, selection is huge, and delivery is free nationwide. Favorites lists tied to your log-in make it easy.
March 2007
Personalized direct mail has matured. Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows the marketer to build a brochure or postcard based on specific information. Better targeting of the message results in much higher response rates. APTCO can handle your complete direct mail program.
April 2007
APTCO is not just about products but also services. For years, we've provided RapidBill Statement Processing service. If you send out 500 or more bills per month, it might be worth a look.
May 2007
APTCO distributes brand name apparel along with the best quality corporate names. Arnold Palmer, Hanes, IZOD, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few you can find. And of course we handle the printing and embroidery, too!
June 2007
APTCO displays over 750,000 promotional products in our main web database, but it doesn't stop there. We can bring your custom product from conception to production.
July 2007
APTCO provides labels of every description: sheeted inkjet/laser labels, thermal transfer/direct thermal labels, pinfeed labels, roll labels, full color product labels, shipping labels, bumper stickers, name badges, you name it.
August 2007
APTCO provides bags and packaging of every description: plastic, paper, non-woven, shopping bags, litter bags, doorknob bags, zip-lock bags, drawstring bags, die-cut bags, tote bags, halloween bags, holiday bags, along with presentation folders, boxes, ribbons, and custom packaging.
September 2007
APTCO's Holiday Card Website has 833 different holiday cards. We bet you can find the one that's just right for you. As a bonus, get FREE envelope imprinting through September.
October 2007
APTCO prints checks. Payroll checks, accounts payable checks, continuous style, unit sets, laser checks, even those old-fashioned pegboard checks (remember those?) - but all brought up to date with the latest security features to combat fraud.
November 2007
APTCO has greeting cards. Think of Holiday cards, Thanksgiving cards, Birthday cards, Anniversary cards, Thank You cards, All Occasion cards! Select your verse and proof instantly online here.
December 2007
APTCO offers a full selection of calendars. Even in this age of PDA's and BlackBerry's, everyone needs at least one calendar. Even with the current rush, we have suppliers ready to make holiday deliveries.
January 2008
APTCO can help you attract more qualified visitors to your trade show booth. It's not just the products - it's the PLAN! Let's talk.
February 2008
APTCO can help you with product packaging, from boxes and bags to CD/DVD packages.
March 2008
APTCO's product packaging, capabilities include custom binders - vinyl, poly, paper, metal - with full color and/or foil imprinting, with custom pockets, index tabs, and of course, all of the contents.
April 2008
APTCO prints newsletters - 1-color, 2-color, 4-color, you name it. Send your print-ready files, or let us handle your layout. Need them mailed? You guessed it - we do that too!
May 2008
APTCO can create any custom stuffed animal you can imagine!
June 2008
APTCO prints magnets of every description. We can mount them on letters or postcards for mailing.
July 2008
APTCO offers gift cards - major retailers, or how about dinner and a movie, or a hotel stay? Yet another way for your company to generate goodwill!
August 2008
APTCO has a way for you to offer FREE GAS to reward clients or employees. One of the best parts of this incentive is that most of the cost is paid by the major oil companies, who seek loyalty in a competitive marketplace. For more info, click here.
September 2008
APTCO offers books as promotional marketing vehicles - any published book can be branded with your information for a message that lasts.
October 2008
APTCO can make sure your campaign is GREEN! Show that your marketing is in tune with the environment by checking out our earth-friendly products.
November 2008
APTCO can help you put information in people's hands that can be automatically updated anytime. To find out how, ask us.
December 2008
APTCO can help you to improve customer loyalty with a reward and incentive program. Call us to find out how.
January 2009
APTCO can help you turn your generic sales literature into a targeted mailing that will get results!
February 2009
APTCO can set up and host your company store. Because you have better things to do.
March 2009
APTCO has mugs to use in any of the 100 ways we've listed, and when you multiply those ideas by the hundreds of styles of mugs, you'll have no trouble being unique.
April 2009
APTCO makes USB Flash Drives in any shape you want. Extend your branding with a medium than can carry your message inside and out. Update your information any time.
May 2009
APTCO has a new web site devoted to USB flash drives, pens and wristbands, digital frames and cameras, and mp3 players. Check out all the selections at www.yourflashdrives.com.
June 2009
APTCO can help you design a gift card program from start to finish. It starts with the objective. Once that's defined, finding the right vehicle is the easy part.
July 2009
The ever-growing APTCO web site has a new caps catalog, Find Your Caps, featuring hundreds of styles.
August 2009
You can save 15% on APTCO's delicious food gifts with our early order discount through October.
September 2009
APTCO can help your company make a connection to a worthwhile cause on a local or national basis.
October 2009
APTCO offers a comprehensive catalog of Holiday Greeting Cards - hundreds of styles - with instant personalization viewable on line.
November 2009
APTCO offers the Gift of Choice program. Your recipients can choose from brand names ranging from Apple to Weber.
December 2009
Food Gifts are the #1 choice for holiday gifts, chosen by 65% of all businesses. We have them and can get them in your hands FAST!
January 2010
APTCO is about more than promotional marketing. We can save you that trip to the office supply store for toner and more.
February 2010
You can hand out a flash drive this week that contains different information next week. Ask us how.
March 2010
In addition to advertising, we've provided office forms and supplies for over 30 years.
April 2010
APTCO can help you integrate text messaging with mainstream marketing.
May 2010
aptoweb.com got a makeover. We tried to make it easier to find everything. Visit and let us know what you think.
June 2010
Continuing our website makeover, we've launched our Blog.
July 2010
The APTCO Blog is growing — come, visit, and leave comments.
August 2010
APTCOWEBNews is 5 years old this month. We've been in business about 3 times that long. Since our newletter launched, we've expanded to include a Blog and Facebook page.
September 2010
APTCO has solutions for your fundraising needs.
October 2010
APTCO is your business gift expert. We can craft a program that's best for you.
November 2010
APTCO is your source for Holiday Greeting Cards - hundreds of styles - add your personalization and view the result here.
December 2010
APTCO can take your direct mail project from concept to completion. We can obtain the targeted mailing list you need, customize the message for better results, and process the mailing for the best rates.
January 2011
APTCO has flash drives made of wood and leather, along with metal and plastic styles.
February 2011
APTCO has all the contacts to find the best options for you between imported and domestic sourcing.
March 2011
APTCO offers integrated marketing programs - no need to go anywhere else.
April 2011
APTCO is your trade show expert, from pre-show mailing to booth to follow up.
May 2011
APTCO can manage your corporate apparel program.
June 2011
APTCO provides a lifetime warranty on flash drive memory chips.
July 2011
APTCO offers Summer discounts on calendars with delivery deferred till Fall.
August 2011
aptcoweb News is six years old this month. (APTCO has been in business since 1996.) You can also find us on Facebook.
September 2011
APTCO specializes in trade show promotion. We prefer long range planning, but can be your best friend if you need someone to handle a rush.
October 2011
APTCO never limits your choices by designing a campaign that works for you.
November 2011
APTCO offers holiday greeting cards. Order from our online catalog.
December 2011
It's never too late. We have lots of great holiday gifts that are available on a rush.
January 2012
Tradeshow season begins in earnest this month. Contact us to make yours a success. We have what you need.
February 2012
APTCO can help you put together a wellness program that works for you.
March 2012
APTCO knows safety incentive programs. Let us partner with you for success. We can assist with banners, decorations, buttons, t-shirts, jackets, trophies, and more.
April 2012
APTCO can help you turn a product into a promotion.
May 2012
APTCO has the direct mail solutions for you, large or small.
June 2012
APTCO can create a custom mascot to match your brand, or personalize one from our catalog of thousands.
July 2012
APTCO can help your human resources department to build effective programs.
August 2012
Did You Know: aptcoweb News is seven years old this month. (APTCO has been in business since 1996.) You can also find us on Facebook.
September 2012
There are charities right in your backyard looking for their next business partner.
October 2012
aptcopromoplace has thousands of products described as eco-friendly, but you'll need us to help you sort through the claims.
November 2012
Out of eleven categories of marketing messages, direct mail rates as the most acceptable means of communication.
December 2012
APTCO can help you build your branded products.
January 2013
APTCO will be looking out for ideas that will help you as we visit a national promotional trade show.
February 2013
APTCO stays on top of all the new products. Make us your first stop when you want the latest for your promotion.
March 2013
There are clear reasons why promotional products WORK!
April 2013
We celebrated our 17th anniversary in business by moving into a new office last month.
May 2013
Only a tiny fraction of single-use grocery bags are ever recycled.
June 2013
APTCO offers a wide selection of apparel for businesses and organizations of all sizes.
July 2013
Whether it's a safety program, a wellness program, or years-of service awards, APTCO is ready to assist human resources.
August 2013
Promotional products are the original viral marketing tool.
September 2013
Of all advertising methods, promotional products can have some of the most measurable results.
October 2013
APTCO can handle your corporate apparel needs from start to finish.
November 2013
You don't need a celebrity to add a charitable component to your marketing.
December 2013
Human Resource managers look to APTCO for help in creating healthy employee programs.
January 2014
Tradeshow season begins in earnest this month. Contact us to make yours a success. We have what you need.
February 2014
APTCO works with musical groups all over the country on all aspects of promotion, including CD production.
March 2014
APTCO has the clothing you need, from dress to casual, with a full range of decorating techniques.
April 2014
Incentives can motivate people to make changes, and people will often do more for STUFF than they will for money.
May 2014
APTCO is your corporate apparel expert.
June 2014
APTCO can help you dress up your trade show staff.
July 2014
In addition to our focus on promotional marketing, APTCO is a full service provider of printing of every description.
August 2014
APTCO can source your promotional product from a million options. That's the easy part. Asking the right questions to make it part of an effective marketing program — that's where we shine.
September 2014
Pens can be personalized, engraved, screen printed, full color printed, sequentially numbered. They can include a USB Drive, a tablet stylus, a pull-out brochure, a floating sample. What are you looking for?
October 2014
APTCO will work with you to find the product that serves your goals, not the someone else’s.
November 2014
It's not the product, it's how you use it.
December 2014
APTCO is on top of your apparel needs.
January 2015
January is the traditional start of the trade show season in the marketing business. We've just returned from our national show, so we're prepared with the latest ideas to help you.
February 2015
APTCO can take you beyond “getting your name out there.”
March 2015
APTCO can help you to build a promotional calendar, to connect your marketing to attention-getting events.
April 2015
APTCO not only has the products to support wellness and safety programs, but also, guidelines on how to make your program effective.
May 2015
Even if you're not a movie studio, you can learn from their experiences in using promotional products as targeted advertising.
June 2015
APTCO can help you get some love for your advertising dollar.
July 2015
Whether we start with one of 500,000 existing promotional products, or design a custom project, APTCO is ready for you.
August 2015
APTCO designs trade show programs that bring the right kind of traffic so you can get the right kind of results.
September 2015
APTCO works with a lot of small businesses, but applies the lessons from the largest.
October 2015
Whether you're looking to motivate customers or employees, APTCO has the assortment of gifts, trophies, and rewards you need.
November 2015
APTCO will ensure that your logo will endure, whatever the environment.
December 2015
APTCO is prepared with all the latest decoration techniques to make your shirt stand out in the crowd.
January 2016
APTCO has the latest styles in water bottles and everything else for your beverages.
February 2016
APTCO specializes in matching the product to the promotion.
March 2016
In 2016, APTCO celebrates 20 years in business.
April 2016
APTCO will always begin with talking about your objectives, and then assemble the products to get you there.
May 2016
APTCO has hundreds of games, along with the knowledge to fit them into your marketing goals.
June 2016
APTCO will make sure it’s not just a product but a promotion.
July 2016
APTCO can help you develop a wellness program that meets your specific needs.
August 2016
APTCO can help you develop a safety program tailored to your company goals.
September 2016
APTCO prints on papers that come from sustainable forests.
October 2016
You can search for American-made products on aptcopromoplace.com
November 2016
APTCO can delivery your holiday gifts directly to the recipients. Just give us your list along with the order and forget about it!
December 2016
APTCO is ready to be your source for every kind of apparel. Our decoration techniques are not limited screen printing or embroidery; check out some of the new methods of giving your group a unique look.
January 2017
APTCO has the trade show strategies to get you a payoff on your investment.
February 2017
APTCO is your color expert, offering top quality full color printing on paper, fabric, ceramic, and more.
March 2017
APTCO can help you develop a recognition program that engages employees.
April 2017
The five secrets of promotional products?
May 2017
Promotional Products WORK!
June 2017
Apparel styles are in constant motion — count on APTCO to keep your brand fresh.
July 2017
In developing wellness and safety programs, APTCO begins with a lot of questions to understand your goals and objectives fully.
August 2017
Promotional products elevate wellness programs from concept to success.
September 2017
APTCO can set up your tournament for a custom Nike shoe fitting on site.
October 2017
APTCO has bags of every description so you can find the one that best matches your promotion.
November 2017
APTCO is with you from pre-show to post-show marketing.
December 2017
APTCO can help you coordinate the many elements of your marketing plan.
January 2018
Finding products is fairly easy; making them work for you is where you might need some help.
February 2018
APTCO can make your T-shirt a billboard too.
March 2018
APTCO stays tuned in to the changes in apparel styles, so your company image can be fresh and current.
April 2018
No matter the season, APTCO can help you craft a promotion that will deliver results.
May 2018
The lowest budget options aren’t always the best; top quality garments will be chosen to be worn more frequently and longer.
June 2018
APTCO designs direct mail of many varieties, from envelopes to self contained pieces, like the Intelimailer.
July 2018
Community involvement can reap big benefits for businesses.