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January 2013

What Are Your Plans for 2013?

Begin your 2013 marketing plans with broad goalsA new year, a new start. What would your business like to accomplish in 2013? Maybe you have a detailed marketing plan, or perhaps just the broad strokes of goals. That's fine, because all marketing plans should begin with goals. Smart marketers don't start out saying “I need some pens with my logo.”

When I ask “what are your plans for 2013?”, I have a very real reason for asking. This coming weekend, I'll be traveling to a major national trade show to see the newest promotional products and marketing ideas. As I visit with my favorite suppliers among the hundreds of booths, I want to have YOUR needs in mind. The questions on the show floor will be not so much about products but “what projects do your clients have for this year?” Marketing ideas will be the main focus. Case studies of successful campaigns will be shared, and I'll be looking for those that will help you to reach your goals. So tell me what they are!

This is not to say that new products will be ignored. Of course, we all like to see the new stuff, the really cool promotional items that no one has seen before. Along with these are the many new variations on popular products. Great new shirt and hat designs will be on display. New decorating techniques beyond typical screen printing and embroidery will be shown. We'll see the ubiquitous usb flash drive in shapes that mimic company logos or themes. And that's where my attention will be focused - on marketing themes and how products can fit them. When a supplier shows me a new product, my first question will be “how has this been used in a campaign?”

How does a product become more than it seems to be? When is a mug not a mug? Check out this short video to learn.

There are more than 100 uses for a promotional mug

Did You Know?

Did you know about aptco capabilities? APTCO will be looking out for ideas that will help you as we visit a national promotional trade show.

For more about APTCO, click here.

Favorite Quotations

Favorite quotations “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

~Abraham Maslow

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