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Water, Water, Everywhere

Reusable water bottles are a great solution to the waste of disposable bottlesNo, we’re not talking about the water falling from the sky, or even the water overflowing from the rivers. We’ve heard enough about that lately from national news outlets. This is about the water that people drink in increasing amounts. In fact, it’s one of the few trends in consumption that’s actually healthy. Though easily available for next to nothing, beverage companies haven’t missed the opportunity to sell their own special varieties. You have to marvel (or shake your head) at some of the marketing lines they use. Smartwater wants you to think of harp-playing cherubs up in the clouds whenever you drink their water.

The problem with all these disposable water bottles is that they are trashing our environment. Tons upon tons are ending up in landfills or worse. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is larger than several states. Many national parks have banned disposable water bottles. However, you'd be hard pressed to find a ban on other beverages sold in disposable bottles. Thus, there was not a significant reduction in waste from the ban. Having reusable water bottles available is only part of the solution. They can certainly encourage drinking water over less healthy alternatives. But it’s equally important to make sure the water to refill them is readily available. In many parks today, along with college campuses and businesses, you’ll find hydration stations — not those dirty old water fountains that come into contact with too many mouths, but clean new units designed to refill bottles.

Reusable water bottles are a great solution to the waste of disposable bottlesBecause so many people now carry water bottles, they present a great opportunity for branding. Bottles of all types, from high-end name brands like Camelbak to more basic bottles are finding their way into marketing programs. Sometimes they are used as fundraisers, especially for brands where a sense of belonging is desired. College campuses and charitable organizations are just two examples of such usage. Bottles sporting a logo are also used as a reward for participation.

As you might have guessed, APTCO has hundreds of styles of bottles available to be used as part of marketing campaigns. To avoid being overwhelmed by too many choices, why not start by giving us a call to discuss your marketing objectives? We can help put it right into focus.

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Did you know about aptco capabilities? APTCO has the latest styles in water bottles and everything else for your beverages.

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