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February 2007

10 Tips for More Successful Trade Shows

Variety of promotional productsWalk around any trade show and you will be able to collect a bag full of trade show promotional items all designed to promote business. Everyone enjoys receiving a gift. Gift giving creates a favorable impression. It can build goodwill, be an incentive, communicate a message, and create awareness. However, how many promotional gifts do an effective job?

If you're about to be on the other side as an exhibitor, you may want to consider the following 10 ways to master the tradeshow giveaway game:

  1. Define Your Audience: Having a focused objective for your trade show promotion will also help you decide who should receive it. Consider having different gifts for various visitors. You might have different quality gifts for your key customers, prospects, and general passers by.
  2. Set Your Goal: What do you want to achieve by giving away a premium item? Trade show items should be designed to increase your recognition, communicate a message, motivate an action, or promote your small business. It's important not only that the message have an impact, but also the premium itself.
  3. Find the Right Item: There is a multitude of different items you could consider as a premium. However, which one will best suit your purpose? To select the right item, decide on your objective. Do you want it to enhance a theme, convey a specific message, or educate your target audience? Set a purpose to make your selection process easier. A promotional specialist can also help you make an effective selection. Remember your company image is reflected in whatever you choose to give away.
  4. Add Your Message: Is there an item that naturally complements your marketing message? Have the message imprinted on the item with your company name, logo, and phone number. If space allows, add a marketing slogan. An important aspect of any gift is to remember who it was from long after the fact.
  5. Set a Price: The price range for trade show gifts is enormous. Quality, quantity, and special orders all impact the price. Establish a budget as part of your exhibit marketing plan. Consider ordering the same item for several different shows. The greater the quantity of your order, the lower the individual unit price.
  6. Establish Qualifiers: What must visitors do to qualify for a premium? There are several ways to use your trade show gift effectively:
    • as a reward for visitors participating in a demonstration, presentation, or contest
    • as a token of your appreciation when visitors have given you qualifying information about their specific needs
    • as a thank you for stopping at the booth
  7. Use the Pre-qualifying Secret: Trade show gifts can be used to pre-qualify your prospects. One company uses playing cards. Prior to the show, they send “kings” to their key customers, “queens” to suppliers, and “jacks” to new or hot prospects. They request that the cards are brought to the booth in exchange for a special gift. When the cards are presented, the booth staff already knows certain information about the visitor. They can then act on their previous knowledge and use time with the visitor more productively.
  8. Have a Sales Incentive: Will your trade show premium directly help future sales? Hand out a discount coupon or a gift certificate requiring future contact with your company for redemption. Consider premiums that will help generate frequent visits to customers and prospects, such as calling you for free refills.

Go Green

Green products aboundWith 70 percent of the Earth covered in water, it's a wonder we don't say “go blue.” But “go green” is how the environmental movement was branded. So take a cue from earth lovers and tie in to the good feelings of environmentalism. International Earth Day is observed yearly on March 20, with the U.S. counterpart shortly behind on April 22. Do your part to clean up this place. Here are a few ideas for products that can carry your message while helping the environment:

Grow together. A Bag-That-Blooms is the perfect way to celebrate the environment. It's a recyclable garden bag and mailing piece — all in one! USPS approved, it contains soil mix, nutrients and the seeds of your choice, and it weighs less than two ounces. Recipients just open the bag and add water and sunlight to see a garden that will bloom right inside the bag for months.

Bag it up. Who knew recycling could look so good? Bright and colorful, Spectrum Bags are made from 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials. Bags are available in 26 colors.

Save Money. Talk about coming full circle. The recycled piggy bank is made of retired currency! Also available made from denim scraps and yellow pages. Nothing goes to waste! A recycling message is included in the imprint area. One color imprinted on two sides with additional colors available: pink, purple, red or white.

Earthbound. Created using natural materials, Earth Journals are the ideal tool for teaching and encouraging energy conservation and recycling to individuals or groups. These guides are bound to help create a plan of action and record progress. Each has 50 sheets of quality opaque writing paper with either an 18-page section of energy-related information or a 16-page section of recycling-related information. Choice of 8.5-by-11 or 7-by-10.

Did You Know?

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