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February 2016

New Year, New Promotional Products

Here's a pen that makes a great phone stand.There's always something new, isn't there? So much that it takes two floors of the Las Vegas convention center where the Expo is put on every January by PPAI - Promotional Products Association International. We have over 800,000 products in our database at, but to keep up with trends, we check in every year to see what's new at Expo.

And yes, as we've been saying for years, the promotional purpose must always come first in any campaign, but it never hurts to be on top of the latest. Here are some trends and new items that caught our eyes this year.

Smart phones are everywhere, so accessories make a smart choice when you want your message to be visible. How about a phone stand that you can easily carry with you because it takes no more space in your pocket than a pen? There is one, because it is a pen, pictured at right! Check it out!

Phone wallet combines credit card holder with desktop phone standAnother clever twist on a desktop stand for phones is a design that starts out looking like a wallet that sticks on the back of a phone, but then converts into a stand. It also securely holds credit cards, a driver’s license, money, business cards, hotel room keycard, and more. Not only that, but makes a phone easier to grip. It sticks on back of a phone or phone case with no residue left after removal.

With all the usage phones are getting these days, they need charging. Chargers and power banks are growing in variety and capacity. With options for iPhone and Android, and even multiple devices, there's a solution for everyone. They make another great branding opportunity.

Here's a pen that makes a great phone stand.Moving from the tech area, we find some new developments in drinkwear. Double wall insulated cups have been around a while, but now there’s one with a bottom compartment that can be filled with ice. That makes for a long-lasting chill! Or - use the compartment to store something else. Multi-function is the trend these days.

Coloring books are now as popular with adults as with kids.Who said coloring is just for kids? This creative outlet is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Adults are releasing their inner artists by adding creative touchs to beautifully rendered images in adult coloring books.

These new products are just the tip of the iceberg. You can count on APTCO to help you find something new and different. Of course, you can also count on us to challenge your thinking. What really matters is that your promotion brings results. If that's best achieved using a tried and true product that's been around a long time, you can be sure that’s what we’ll recommend. Otherwise, you’re just giving stuff away.

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