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March 2012

It Pays To Promote Safety In The Workplace

An effective safety program always pays more than it costs.If you have any employees, even just one, then chances are, you have to carry Worker's Compensation insurance. If you carry Worker's Comp., you have to pay insurance premiums. The amount you have to pay depends on what your Experience Factor is. The E.F. is a multiplier against the premium. Every employer starts out with an E.F. of 1.0. If you don't have any claims (i.e. no accidents in the workplace), then eventually, the E.F. goes down, thereby reducing your insurance premiums. If you have any claims (i.e. accidents in the workplace), then the E.F. goes up, and so do your premiums.

So it makes good sense, dollars and cents, to do what you can to reduce the number of on-the-job accidents. As Benjamin Franklin said. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” If you can save money on your W. C. insurance, then it's the same as earning it. Of course, you begin by providing a safe working environment for your employees. You supply the proper safety equipment for protection. You make sure that all employee-operated machinery is in good working order. Warning signs are prominently displayed.

However, even with taking all of these precautions, accidents can and will happen. Because somebody, somewhere, at some time, without thinking, is going to get careless and do something dangerous. You can always reprimand an employee for doing something the wrong way. The problem is, they've already made the mistake. And the harm is done (literally). The key to reducing the number of work-related accidents is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

In order for your employees to work safely, they must think about safety. Now the question is, how do you control what a person thinks? A Safety Awareness Program may be just the ticket to lowering the number of injuries on the job. Here are some pointers:

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