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April 2016

More Award-Winning Promotions

Last month we featured some creative marketing campaigns that received awards from Promotional Products Association International - PPAI. We continue in this issue with some more promotions that deliver results.

Who Doesn't Like Bacon?

Fitness-inspired promotional products enhance the effectiveness of wellness programs.Well, some people are on restrictive diets. Many CrossFit athletes are on the Paleo diet, which leads them to avoid any processed foods. But surprisingly, on thing they are allowed to eat is bacon. This opened the door of opportunity for Reebok to engage them as they prepared for the CrossFit Games in California.

To create a buzz about the upcoming games, a campaign was created based on an intriguing physical product but with online promotion a key component. First, a custom box was designed that was indentical to a Reebok shoe box, but with a die-cut window in the shape of the Reebok logo. Through the window it was easy to see the slices of fresh bacon, a diet-friendly version containing only pork and salt.

150 athletes were targeted, and each received the custom bacon box, which arrived in special packaging to keep the perishable product cold for 24 hours. To increase the impact, recipients were encouraged to share pictures of the surprise package using the hashtag #reebokbacon. Remember the objective of the campaign was to create buzz. How about exceeding 100 million impressions on social media! That’s what we call delivering results!

Adhering to Prenatal Care

Ensuring that pregnant women follow a recommended regimen throughout their pregnancies is often a challenge for healthcare providers. The stakes are even higher for women with a previous pregnancy that led to a premature baby. That’s why Lumara Health in St. Louis developed a campaign called My Adherance Program. This program was based on education and encouragement that would result in a normal gestation period.

The target was very focused, triggered by the prescribing of a particular medication for mothers with a history of premature delivery. Getting as many as half of the women to participate would seem to be an ambitious goal. Once they signed up, they completed a telephone assessment, and then began to receive scheduled promotional mailings.

Fitness-inspired promotional products enhance the effectiveness of wellness programs.The first was a welcome kit that included a welcome letter, an injection schedule, yoga towel, journal book, two-ounce candle tin and yoga tag referencing an online video. Also included in the kit were educational materials. Participants continued to receive the education material mailings at weeks 21, 25, 28 and 35 of gestation. After childbirth the participants were sent a post-delivery assessment, a graduation letter and a newborn branded bib.

The healthcare costs of caring for a premature baby can be devastatingly high. The benefit of a healthy full-term birth is priceless. This campaign was so well planned that it resulted in 90% of the targeted mothers actively participating. The return on investment for this promotion was almost immeasurable.

Did You Know?

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Favorite Quotations

Favorite quotations “Start where you are. Use what you can. Do what you can.”

~Arthur Ashe

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