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June 2012

Don’t Mess With Bigfoot

Custom Sasquatch doll makes media kit memorable.

When it came time to unveil a new promotion, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky turned to Sasquatch. The big furry guy is the brand’s icon. The brand recently unveiled new television commercials, refreshing an image that hadn't changed since 2008. The “Messin’ With Sasquatch” advertising campaign has been a great success: “The new spots feature more classic pranks played on an unsuspecting Sasquatch,” says Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.

The campaign resulted from a creative idea to bring an iconic legend (Sasquatch) to life, in order to help define the brand message: Feed Your Wild Side. The company created 30-second television spots and added alternate-ending, online-only versions. In “Camp Fire,” one of the new commercials, Sasquatch is in a peaceful setting enjoying his natural surroundings. “After munching on Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, an individual is inspired to play a well-known prank on Sasquatch. In the end, however, Sasquatch gets the last laugh,” says LeFever. These commercials are easy to find on youtube.

In addition to the commercials, the company sent out about 200 media kits to targeted media and key influencers. As part of the kit, editors were sent a custom Sasquatch doll to help deliver the message that Sasquatch was back. “The creative kit has been breaking through the typical mail clutter on editors’ desks and has helped garner coverage in key print and digital media outlets about the launch of the campaign,” says LeFever. The kit also contained press releases and samples of beef jerky.

“The response to the media kit was positive. During follow-up conversations, journalists shared that it was a fun and memorable correspondence; helping to break through the clutter they receive each day,” says LeFever. And ultimately, the company believes that the kit helped to garner media attention in the launch of the latest TV spots. “Jack Link’s sports an adventurous, fun and slightly irreverent brand personality. Sasquatch helps to bring that personality to life through scenarios that are funny and relevant – especially to those who love Jack Link’s Beef Jerky,” he says.

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