August 2005

Do Tradeshow Promotional Gifts Work?

Coin walletYou're about to invest a big chunk of your marketing budget on a big tradeshow exhibition. Should you spend even more money on promotional items? Georgia Southern University conducted a study at four tradeshows, polling attendees for their reaction to promotional products. Seventy-two percent of people who received a gift remembered the name of the company that gave it to them (even after a long day on the tradeshow floor). Seventy-six percent said the company made a favorable impression.

Time is short at tradeshows, so give attendees a compelling reason to seek out your booth. Promotional products announce your presence, carry your message, and spur follow-up action.

Try the classic half-and-half tactic: Do a pre-show mailing and send only half a promotional piece to prospects. If they want the other half, they must pick it up at your booth. A manufacturer of combines mailed a pewter belt buckle bearing a tractor image to a targeted list of 150 for a national farming show. A letter announced that visitors to the booth would get a leather belt. The company had a phenomenal sixty-five percent response rate, resulting in thousands of dollars in additional sales.

You can also tease attendees right at the show. A marketing company left 2,000 coin-holders labeled “Isn't it time for change?” at various locations around the tradeshow floor. Those who brought a coin-holder to the booth received a nice wallet. The firm collected 454 leads — a six fold increase over the year before.

Whatever the item selected for pre-show promotion, it must be a clear tie-in with your company. Choose a useful gift that reflects the image you want to portray.We can help. Call us for a bonanza of great ideas.

Count the Days

Calendars Keep Your Name in View

Calendar mugThere's nothing like a calendar to keep your name in view of your customer every day. Most people have several calendars, which they refer to repeatedly throughout the day. They can range from a large deskpad calendar to a small magnet. Would you believe there's a mug with changeable calendar inserts? Now that's thinking outside the box!

Lesson in Motivation

It’s no secret that online training can increase employees’ sales power and effectiveness. However, getting them to participate isn’t always easy. Microsoft discovered incentives could make a tremendous difference in motivating its licensee resellers. The software giant used flashlights and pens to introduce a rewards program that included online training. Statistics showed those who completed the education enjoyed sales that were 30% to 300% higher than those who didn’t.

Salespeople received a small reward, such as a carabiner flashlight keychain, for completing each phase of the online course. As recipients sold more licenses, they earned points toward more luxurious items such as camping equipment and leather jackets.

Microsoft’s investment paid off an incredible 40-1. More than one-third of eligible staffers participated, with sales soaring 50% higher for two consecutive quarters.

Could a motivational program enrich your business? Call us today for a consultation.

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