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October 2011

Corporate Wellness Incentives Reduce Costs

A well-designed incentive program makes wellness a win-win for everyoneCorporate wellness programs that offer employees rewards can help significantly reduce the cost of health care, according to a new report released a few weeks ago. Data shows that wellness incentive programs result in company savings-to-cost ratios of more than $3 saved on health care costs for each $1 invested. “Less than one in five employees will participate in wellness programs that do not offer rewards,” said Rodger Stotz, spokesperson for the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), which published the report. “This changes dramatically when incentives are offered – four in five will participate. Clearly all businesses should consider this when looking at their wellness efforts.”

The report, which examines existing research and case studies regarding workplace wellness programs, also cites the success of specific companies. For example, IRF research shows Johnson & Johnson saves an estimated $9 million to $10 million in health care costs every year as a result of its wellness program. Data also shows Citibank realizes a health care cost savings of up to $4.73 for each dollar it spends through its health management program. Finally, IRF says Union Pacific Railroad's medical self-care program achieved cost savings of $2.78 for every dollar invested by reducing inappropriate emergency room and outpatient visits.

“The U.S. is spending about $2.5 trillion per year on health care,” Stotz said. “As much as 75% of that is spent on preventable conditions, so the potential savings through preventative health care measures that include workplace wellness programs could be as high as $1.9 trillion per year. And this doesn't even consider productivity gains or worker quality of life improvements.”

According to the IRF report, 93% of large companies (5,000+ employees) already sponsor some form of a worksite wellness program. Further data cited by IRF shows 61% of current purchasers of vendor-supported programs view wellness incentives as a “must have” within their organizations and 89% predict a trend toward more similar initiatives.

If your company needs to implement a wellness program, or improve the one you have, give us a call at APTCO. Our flexible, online programs feature custom catalogs that let your employees choose the brand name premium that they prefer, ensuring the highest rates of participation.

Unique T-Shirts Promote Movie

T-shirts compressed into almost any shape can carry a special marketing messageProducers of The Mechanic, an action thriller starring Jason Statham as a hit man, needed a unique promo to stand out amid the din of movie madness bombarding the media and consumers today. They were thinking T-shirts, but some creative thinking brought a variation of that theme to mind.

Pre-release marketing to the press is critical to success in the movie business. Rather than giving traditional T-shirts to members of the press covering the movie, as well as to other potential moviegoers, the movie’s marketers had the shirts shrink-wrapped and compressed into the shape of guns, playing into the movie’s theme to make a bigger impact on T-shirt recipients.

To boost the film’s visibility, a quick response (QR) code was added to the compressed tees, which, when scanned by a user’s smartphone, takes the user directly to the movie’s website and trailer. The technology, in conjunction with promotional items, and particularly apparel products, is a popular trend. QR codes are an ideal marketing tool to combine with product promotions – that is, if you have the right promotional partner to ensure that the pieces really fit together.

This promo has certainly helped to garner a wealth of media attention for the film’s release. Do you have a need for a T-shirt compressed into a special shape to tie in to a unique campaign? We can help you fit everything together so that your campaign brings results.

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