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October 2013

A Brief History of the Polo Shirt

Decorate your polo shirt with embroidery, printing, laser etching or debossing.

Where is this all going, and what has changed over the last decade? The prevalence of performance fabrics has to be the biggest change. Moisture-wicking fabrics are easily found now, making the wearer more comfortable in hot weather. Snag-proof shirts and stain-resistant finishes are also sought-after performance features for a number of uniform solutions. And no longer do women have to suffer with unisex clothing. Feminine styles have turned “have to wear” into “want to wear”. Flattering fits, more than 3-buttons on the placket, novelty trims are all common. For those times when both males and females must be outfitted, like with a sales force or trade show team, companion styles for men and women are in order. The polos can be an exact match or be in complementary colors that reflect the overall brand image.

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