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October 2015

Business Improvement Through Incentive Programs

Promotional products are a keycomponent in many incentive programsWhat does a business do when they want to reduce accidents in the workplace? Or when they want to reduce health insurance costs? They create an incentive program. Of course, incentive programs are common in sales (think sales contests), but are found in all areas of business. Here are some examples of incentive programs:

What are incentive programs?
Incentive programs are systematic internal or external campaigns that require specific actions on the part of a specified audience, which produce measurable outcomes achieved through integrated motivational strategies.

Apologies for that rather wordy definition, courtesy of the Incentive Marketing Association. In simpler terms, it's the coupling of goals with rewards. The target of those goals might be suppliers, customers, or employees. And while the rewards might be monetary (increased commissions for higher sales), more often they include tangible non-monetary gifts. Attractive gifts are obviously a key component.

Lumo Energy recognized that they had some weakness in their customer service teams. To make needed improvements, they established goals to reflect the company culture they wanted to establish.

The program they established was named Luminosity. Procedures were established to nominate colleagues for recognition to embodying these values. An online rewards gallery was built, offering thousands of reward choices. While initially, all employees participated actively in the program, a year later a healthy 92% were still engaging regularly. Management reports a new level of customer service being provided by happy and motivated employees.

Effective incentive programs don't happen on their own. It takes teamwork. APTCO would love to be your partner on that team. We'll help you through 10 steps to an effective program.

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