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November 2007

Promotion Raises Awareness of Second-hand Smokes

Second hand smokeThe Arizona Department of Health Services wanted to generate community awareness of the risks of second-hand smoke, particularly as it affects children.

The campaign, first introduced with TV spots and brochures in the surrounding Phoenix area, got a PR boost when it generated newspaper articles. Additional exposure was achieved through the distribution of two ingenious promotional items.

First, restaurants who supported a non-smoking policy received baby bibs to present to diners who came in with infant children. The bibs bore a custom imprint phrase, “I am in a designated non-smoking area”.

In addition, bottles of soap bubbles were distributed at community events, such as fairs, workshops and women's expos. A message on the bottle label made humorous reference to the Surgeon General's tobacco warning. “May Cause: Joy, Laughter, Smiles and Excitement; Not: Asthma, Pneumonia or Cancer.”

The program received tremendous support and sent a valuable message about the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Results: In a follow-up evaluation of the program, it was determined that the important message reached more than 100,000 local residents.

Financial Institutions Seek Younger Clients

Download cardsWhether it is a bank, a credit union, an investment firm, or a credit card company, financial institutions have one major thing in common: they all want to tap into the middle school, high school and college sector and capture their share of the gold mine that these up and coming customers represent. When it comes to attracting young consumers, the stakes are immense and financial institutions are working hard promotionally to edge out the competition.

Credit Unions in particular are in a race against time to attract and retain youth. A recent study by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) found that the average age of today's credit union member is 47 years old, up from 40 years old in 1985. To combat its aging member population, credit unions are scrambling for ways to reach out to youth of all ages, starting with the under-12 age group, all the way up to college students. At a recent conference, credit union leaders voiced their concerns and their need for savvy marketing tools that could help them connect with the youth sector.

Instant access and personalization are critical to today's youth, and digital entertainment answers the call. With nearly two million songs and thousands of ringtones, images and games to choose from, music download and cell phone entertainment promotions enable youth to select the content that reflects their tastes and personalities. What's more, because they are delivered virtually via the Internet, these digital content promotions give students the instant gratification they demand, while providing financial institutions with a powerful interactive marketing tool that enables them to communicate with prospective customers, drive Web traffic and capture valuable information for ongoing marketing efforts. And nothing has been proven more effective than music downloads and cell phone entertainment.

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