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November 2011

Mentorship Program a Promotional Success

Challenge coins make the perfect medium for campaigns that build a sense of belongingThe State Bar of South Dakota had a problem. The supply of lawyers in rural areas of the state had been dwindling over a period of several years. Law school graduates were more attracted to joining firms in the cities, particularly those with a dozen or more lawyers, as opposed to going out on their own and starting a practice in a remote area. Further, the Bar saw an increasing disconnect between veteran lawyers and those with less than 10 years experience. They felt that the two problems were related.

They defined their objective to build goodwill and camaraderie between the organization’s young and veteran members and educate them on the value of mentorship among legal professionals. Their target audience was approximately 1,800 members of the State Bar of South Dakota, as well as dignitaries, judges, law professors and state bar association employees. They chose to reach out to this group with a mentorship program symbolized by a military-style challenge coin.

Upon induction into the state bar, young lawyers receive two round, bronze coins decorated with the scales of justice, the state bar association’s seal and the words “Scientia et Amicitia” (knowledge and friendship) on one side, and the design found on the minted South Dakota quarter on the other. That was a special touch that really resonated with the recipients. The coins were packaged in black velvet presentation bags. Young lawyers were instructed to keep one coin and give the other coin to their mentor—matches were made by a committee. By accepting a coin, recipients agreed to encourage, support and foster mentorship within the legal community. The exchange between mentee and mentor was done separately from the initial presentation of the coins, either privately or at receptions hosted by participating law firms.

The program, which began last year and is ongoing, is intended "to promote goodwill and dedication to core values of the law among them, getting veteran lawyers to share their good, bad and ugly with young lawyers so they didn’t feel so isolated," according to a representative. The mentoring program was a big hit among young lawyers and is credited with generating a lot of buzz among members of the association, producing true-life success stories in which young lawyers were able to start their own practices more easily with the guidance of more experienced mentors.

Survey Proves Effectiveness of Promotional Products

Promotional products can be the most effective marketingHow do recipients feel about receiving a promotional product? What purpose do they think the item serves? What actions do they take? These are crucial questions every advertiser should know and understand, as the answers can have a dramatic impact on their ROI. Answers were provided in a recent survey from MarketTools, Inc.

Consumers are inundated with advertising messages and the challenge for businesses is find a way to cut through the clutter and to not only reach their target audience, but to resonate with them. And, according to survey respondents, promotional products do just that.

Respondents were asked to think of a promotional product they’d received in the past two years and to recall the specific product, the advertiser and the message: a whopping 76.2% recalled all three key pieces of information.

Promotional products are powerful, both as effective forms of communication and as useable, necessary tools. The following results reveal just how seamlessly promotional products integrate into life, impacting the daily routines of the recipients.

  • 91% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen
  • 74% had at least one promotional product in their work area
  • 55% had at least one promotional product in their bedroom closet/storage space

Further, the survey showed that:

  • 83% of American consumers surveyed like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message
  • 48% would like to receive promotional products more often
  • 38% feel promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser

In an interesting twist, consumers were asked if they would pick up a promotional product given by an advertiser at an event. Only 3% said they would not. But while 23% said they would pick it up no matter what it was, 3 times that many (69%) said they would take it if they found it useful.

So you might want to think about functionality when choosing a product for your campaign. Of course, as we frequently remind our readers, it's even more important to tie the product to a marketing objective and message.

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