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December 2007

AMBER Alerts promote sign-ups

egrips non-slip padsThe first three hours after an abduction are the most critical in recovery efforts. This statistic was the driving force behind the creation of the AMBER alerts program, an early response system that began in 1997 using radio as its primary delivery method.  The program has helped reunite more than 260 children with their families.

Wireless AMBER Alerts are text messages that are sent out to subscribers as soon as local law enforcement releases an AMBER Alert. Important information about the child or any known information about the abductors or the vehicle are included. Wireless Amber Alerts offers a way to get information to wireless phones so that more people can be watchful.

In combination with The Ad Council, a campaign was launched to gain one million new subscribers. One of the components was the distribution of egrips, which are non-slip pads that can be attached to cell phones or other devices. “I am thrilled to advertise our critical messages on this unique non-traditional advertising medium,” said Peggy Conlon, CEO, The Ad Council. “We are grateful for egrips' generous contribution, as their product aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Wireless AMBER Alerts program to engage wireless subscribers in saving abducted children.”

During Advertising Week 2007, 1000s of Wireless AMBER Alerts Non-Slip Strips were given away in New York City. “In just one week, we were able to double the weekly average of sign-ups (according to The Wireless Foundation),” says Ellyn Fisher of The Ad Council. “We can't thank you enough! We were able to significantly increase awareness of Wireless AMBER Alerts in and around New York, potentially saving many abducted children in our area.”

Online Training Site Achieves 47% Response rate

News U nonprofit prizesNewsU is a nonprofit entity that provides online training for journalists and journalism students. It sought to create awareness of News University and extend the reach of the organization.

The campaign targeted college journalism professors attending an annual journalism education conference. NewsU contacted attendees with a pre-conference mailing, inviting them to register at, print out their registration form and redeem it at the NewsU Cafe for a free gift. On-site at the conference, Cafe visitors who had pre-registered were allowed to choose a free gift from among three different imprinted items: a stainless steel coffee mug, a magnetic memo stand, and a journal book and pen.

As attendees and professors left the registration area, they received their own NewsU memory band, a bright orange rubber bracelet containing a working USB flash drive pre-loaded with NewsU marketing material for registering at the NewsU website. They also signed a pledge card, promising to talk to their journalism students about the benefits of NewsU.

The 768 attendees who completed an on-line registration represented 47 percent of the total conference attendance! This became News U's largest ever one-week registration drive. The campaign exceeded the client's “in my absolute, wildest dreams” goal of 500.

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Favorite quotations “Nothing changes more constantly than the past, for the past that influences our lives does not consist of what happened, but of what men believe happened.”

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