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December 2009

The Aftermath of Black Friday

Customized music CD's make a wonderful holiday giftDid you survive Black Friday? I did. But then, I'm a guy, so it wasn't that difficult. In fact, I'm a lucky guy because my wife is averse to holiday crowds. She's also allergic to mornings, so there's no chance of her being lined up outside a mass merchant at 4am! So it's more like mid-morning when we're sitting over a cup of coffee starting to think about our holiday shopping plans. And realizing that it's time to refine all those loose ideas and come up with some concrete choices. Mind you, it wasn't procrastination that put us in this position. Just call it the circumstances of a very busy life.

Whatever your reasons, you may find yourself in the situation of needing to make up for lost time in planning your holiday gifts. If so, you have plenty of company. Late November was a wake-up call for many of our clients. Many companies, who usually place their holiday gift orders in September, have ordered later this year. Call it a sign of the times. But there's good news!

Never in our 13+ years in business have we seen so many of our suppliers offering such a great selection of products - all available on a rush basis. A can-do attitude, perhaps born of the recession, has really taken over. We even have some completely custom jobs in process right now, moving from conception to delivery at lightning speed. Whether it's a traditional item like music CD's or ornaments, or something with more year-round use, you'll find it.

Muscle Milk Flexes During Fashion Week

Promo products were a key to this street marketing campaignDuring Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in early September, passersby in New York were asked to pose in front of a circus mirror. (You know, the kind that makes you look skinny.) Two brand ambassadors for 100-calorie Muscle Milk beverages then challenged people to make the altered image a reality by trying their product.

At a nearby GNC location, by Bryant Park, live models posed as mannequins in the storefront window. As part of its “From Cute to Catwalk” live window takeover, Muscle Milk's seemingly plastic women posed while brand ambassadors handed out free samples to the public.

The brand then armed 20 key influencers with a Muscle Milk Fashion Week survival pack. It consisted of a Nike sports bag with Muscle Milk Light, Muscle Milk branded lip gloss, a $100 Nike gift card and a Muscle Milk shirt.

All of these efforts were aimed at keeping busy models, designers, celebrities and members of the media fueled during Fashion Week, via CytoSport Inc.'s ready-to-drink protein-enhanced beverage. Samples were handed out at five key locations, including salon venues, the IMG Fashion Lounge and the Lu Biscuit Cafe.

The campaign is part of the brand's commitment to the promotion of a healthy image and active lifestyle. “Promotional items allow us to relay our messages to targeted consumer groups. For example, at New York Fashion Week our shirts read, 'Ready to Wear, Ready to Drink,' speaking about our Muscle Milk Ready-to-Drink Nutritional Shake, which is perfect for on-the-go fashionistas,” says Shane McCassy, lifestyle marketing manager for CytoSport.

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