Rapid Bill Statement Processing

If you print and mail 500 or more bills at a time,
this could simplify your life!


  1. Print Statements
  2. Burst Statements and trim margins
  3. Fold Statements
  4. Insert Statements
  5. Insert Return Envelopes
  6. Seal Envelopes
  7. Apply postage
  8. Mail

THE EASY WAY (Minutes):

  1. Create statement file
  2. Transmit to APTCO data center

APTCO's Rapid Bill data center does the rest:


  • Inventory of statements and envelopes
  • Patient questions due to illegible statements
  • Returned statements due to outdated addresses
  • Labor costs for bursting, folding, stuffing


  • Significantly improved appearance
  • Prompter payments due to fewer questions
  • Floor space no longer needed for inventory
  • Happier, more productive staff

All services are provided on a fee-per-statement basis, all inclusive. Pricing includes pre-printed paper, outgoing envelope, return envelope, laser printing, address updates, and First Class Postage. Even if you're currently using a service, you owe it to yourself to find out how affordable Rapid Bill can be.