Statement Processing

Rapid Bill Statement Processing

If you print and mail 500 or more bills at a time, 

this could simplify your life!

THE HARD WAY (Hours): 

  1. Print Statements
  2. Burst Statements and trim margins
  3. Fold Statements
  4. Insert Statements
  5. Insert Return Envelopes
  6. Seal Envelopes
  7. Apply postage
  8. Mail

THE EASY WAY (Minutes): 

  1. Create statement file
  2. Transmit to APTCO data center 

Create statement file Transmit to APTCO data center

  • Receive the data via internet
  • Match addresses to US Postal Service CASS database
  • Make automatic address corrections
  • Add delivery point barcode Presort to carrier route and line of travel
  • Print clean laser statements
  • Insert into envelopes
  • Insert return envelope
  • Mail First Class with maximum postal automation routing


  • Inventory of statements and envelopes
  • Patient questions due to illegible statements
  • Returned statements due to outdated addresses
  • Labor costs for bursting, folding, stuffing 


  • Significantly improved appearance
  • Prompter payments due to fewer questions
  • Floor space no longer needed for inventory
  • Happier, more productive staff 

All services are provided on a fee-per-statement basis, all inclusive. Pricing includes pre-printed paper, outgoing envelope, return envelope, laser printing, address updates, and First Class Postage. Even if you're currently using a service, you owe it to yourself to find out how affordable Rapid Bill can be.

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