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  • Aug 8, 2022

The annual Pyramid Awards sponsored by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) recognize creative marketing efforts that deliver results. We feature these on occasion to demonstrate ideas that can be adapted by your organization for your own specific needs.

The first one comes from a civic organization, The Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund of the city of Saratoga Springs, New York. The goal was raising funds for various local programs run by non-profits. Fostering the spirit of civic pride was overall theme used to support the goal. Local flair was showcased by unique elements of the city taking the form of Monopoly game board properties, tokens and materials. But this would not be just any Monopoly game.

They purchased the rights to create a customized version of Monopoly. These rights don’t come cheap, but they quickly received the support of the local Chamber of Commerce, who then attracted the interest of community businesses. A brand consultant worked with local companies and organizations to arrange sponsorships of game tokens and board properties, selling naming rights of individual properties and transforming Boardwalk into the iconic Saratoga Race Course. These sponsorships, as well as the inclusion of other Saratoga Springs landmarks and localisms completely transformed a traditional game board into one that was customized for the area, serving as a symbol of community pride for both residents and visitors.

5,000 game boards were created and sold to local residents, adhering to the strict requirements of game-maker Hasbro. The games were sold out, making the program a great success. The community fund enjoyed a net return-on-investment (after paying all licensing and manufacturing costs) of $210,000, all of which went directly to the community fund to support local organizations and initiatives. Thinking big resulted in a big win.

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Saratoga Springs custom Monopoly game

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